Yaniv Simpson and The Conscious Bar Chocolate – Redefining Food Standards to Indulge Freely

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Yaniv Simpson and The Conscious Bar Chocolate - Redefining Food Standards to Indulge Freely

Joining the show today is the Founder and CEO of The Conscious Bar, Yaniv Simpson! Yaniv and his company are dedicated to bringing their customers the highest quality chocolate products available, with an added emphasis on not sacrificing any of the classic enjoyment of good chocolate. Their company motto is 'indulge freely' and this touches on the pleasure as well as the healthy aspects of what they offer. In exciting news for the podcast, The Conscious Bar is now an official sponsor of the show, and this is no coincidence. The company's values and commitment to quality align it perfectly with our approach to wellness, so look out for exciting announcements and offers in the future! In today's conversation, we cover setting high standards for food and health companies, building a relatable and trustworthy brand, and what it means to be a pioneer. Yaniv also speaks about his history as an athlete, his goals for the growth of the company, and what keeps him and his brand grounded. So to catch it all, and find out more about this exciting and delicious product from Yaniv, listen in today!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Andres talks about his time of transition and the break he took from recording. [01:57]
  • Yaniv speaks about the love that goes into making his products and his lifelong love for cacao. [11:02]
  • Understanding ingredients in traditional and common recipes for chocolate bars. [13:29]
  • Comparing the effects of cheaper bars with something pure from The Conscious Bar. [22:21]
  • The values and philosophy at Yaniv's company. [25:10]
  • Yaniv's advice for brands that want to adhere to high standards of health, wellness, and sustainability. [34:47]
  • Doing the right thing, leading by example, and building a community! [40:01]
  • Comparing The Conscious Bar with their competitors. [43:29]
  • Heavy metals in food products and why Ghana is a great place to source cacao. [50:15]
  • Yaniv talks about their first months in business and his hopes for the next five years. [53:11]
  • The thinking behind the partnerships that The Conscious Bar is seeking out. [56:56]
  • The initial push that Yaniv had to create his product, and the selfish desire that drove his work! [1:01:17]
  • Yaniv's background as an athlete and how it has guided his thoughts on quality. [1:02:07]
  • Looking to the future of the partnership between Andres and Yaniv! [1:07:02]

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