From my episode with Alan Aragon, one of the forefathers of the evidence-based movement in the fitness industry and world-renown expert in PROTEIN.

Protein Requirements to Maximize Muscle and Longevity | Episode 38 @knowyourphysio

Available everywhere, link in bio.

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From my episode with Patrick McKeown, author and founder of The Oxygen Advantage.

Master Your Breath to Perform Higher, Stress Less, and Live Longer | Episode 30 @knowyourphysio

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That moment when you run into your functional medicine specialist and recent podcast guest just hours after making conversation about her! @catarozo

Miami is a small place…

Super honored to work closely with Cata as I dig deeper into my personal health and wellness journey. Although I spend most of the year super happy and healthy, it never hurts to have an expert look under the hood.

I originally learned about Cata’s work through @drmarkhyman, and it turns out that a few of my close friends happened to have worked with her in the past with massive success.

A couple weeks ago, I had the chance to host her on the @knowyourphysio podcast to talk all things Functional Medicine Testing and the efficacy behind the root-cause approach.

Now, we’re in the midst of all my (very extensive yet essential) testing and functional med journey, which I will have a chance to share in detail with you guys back with Cata on the show very soon!

Ironically, I had just finished having raw fish (sushi) which is prooobably on my no-go list as we’re trying to keep an eye on parasites (I admit I eat a LOT of raw fish).

Let’s see what turns out… Stay tuned!

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From my episode with @drroi, Harvard-Trained and Board-Certified Interventional Radiologist and Vascular Specialist, Board-Certified Obesity Medicine Doctor, lifestyle medicine enthusiast, and my co-founder at @hambreyhormonas

Hunger Hormones and Lifestyle Medicine with Dr. Moises Roizental | Episode 42 @knowyourphysio

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Essential Aminos, Omega-3, Medium Roast Coffee, 12 Pack of Bars, Protein Powder, Sleep, and Lean! ($330+ value)

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From my episode with Brian Sanders, owner of @eatnosetotail, host of the @peakhuman podcast, and director of the @food.lies film.

Thriving on Nose to Tail and Ancestral Wisdom to Combat Modern Life | Episode 41 @knowyourphysio

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Agree or disagree? 🤔 Curious to hear your thoughts below 🧠👇🏽

I felt inspired to share this after the immense (truly unbelievable) personal and professional growth that I’ve experienced after a whole year of consistent podcasting (recording 1-3 episodes a week).

I feel it’s made me so much smarter because I’ve learned to ask better questions, which has made for better and more effective learning and communication beyond the podcast studio!

No matter who I meet or engage with (especially in person), I can all of a sudden elicit my “podcasting mode,” get into a super focused and attentive flow-state, and induce the ability to acquire extremely specific knowledge from other people.

(Of course, I always make the effort to at least be equally of service in some way)

Every person on this planet knows something you don’t. Ask better questions and you’ll have a chance to learn things you otherwise never could!

Stay curious my friends.


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From my episode with Alan Aragon, one of the forefathers of the evidence-based movement in the fitness industry and world-renown expert in PROTEIN.

Protein Requirements to Maximize Muscle and Longevity | Episode 38 @knowyourphysio

Available everywhere, link in bio.

#Longevity #MuscleProteinSynthesis #DoYouEvenLiftBro #IIFYM #MaximumGains

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Let’s celebrate with a Q&A episode! Drop a question below and I’ll compile them for episode #50!


What an awesome milestone! It’s incredible to see how far this show has come in just a year and all the joy and value that it’s bringing you guys.

Podcasting is the single most powerful “growth hack” I’ve experienced both personally and professionally, and it is so rewarding to be able to share these lessons with you as you “eavesdrop” on conversations between me and the world’s leading experts in fitness, longevity, high performance, biohacking, functional medicine, science meets spirituality, etc.

Growth has been exponential… Two months ago we were averaging about 1200 downloads/month, now over 2300! While this is cool, for me it’s less about the numbers and more about the value, and I look forward to hundreds and thousands of more episodes because I know I haven’t had even 1% of the convos I want to have!

HUGE thanks to my team at @knowyourphysio Ariel, Roman, Steve, Vanessa, and Josh, to Samar our graphic designer, to our sponsor @bioptimizers, to my unbelievable podcast editing team @weeditpodcasts, to my brother @cliffwhitakker for the music, to all my valued guests who have joined me, and to YOU for tuning in! 🥳

The more you #knowyourphysio…

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There are countless quotes from inspirational people demonstrating that becoming an overnight success seldom happens overnight.

This was no different for today's guest, high-performance coach, and biohacking expert, Augusto (Tuto) Marolla @tutobiohacker.

Tuto embarked on a radical lifestyle change that to the outside eye, took just three months to implement. However, this shift was eight years in the making as he consistently experienced an engagement crisis over his 17-year corporate career.

Join us today to find out about the catalyst for this life-changing shift, and the coaches he used to reach his potential.

We dive into Tuto’s corporate experience and how he identified the misalignment between his values and what he was being asked to do in his professional life.

We discuss how you can adjust your thinking around goals and success to benefit from the hedonic adaptation, and how you can escape the conditioning we are all subject to in today’s society.

The more you #KnowYourPhysio…

#PassionPurposeProductivity #QuantumEntanglement #QuitYourJob #DoWhatYouLove #OptimalHealth #Biohacking #PerformanceCoaching

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From my episode with Patrick McKeown, author and founder of The Oxygen Advantage.

Master Your Breath to Perform Higher, Stress Less, and Live Longer | Episode 30 @knowyourphysio

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I spent 9 years taking Adderall, 3 years taking pre-workout, and only g-d knows how many times I depended on others to motivate me in school, in the gym, and at home.

Trust me: do everything you can to harness intrinsic motivation.

Intrinsic motivation is defined as the doing of activities for internal satisfaction rather than external rewards.

Even on the highest prescribed dose of the world’s most potent pharmaceutical drug for external motivation, I got mediocre results, and the side-effects were absolutely fucking terrible:

I spent years suffering with anxiety, insecurity, body dysmorphia, a stutter that made me terrified of public speaking, very low body weight, insomnia, and OCD.

It wasn’t until I quit cold-turkey, reflected deeply on things that gave me a deep sense of meaning, and doubled down on everything the meds had robbed me of (nutrition, sleep, social life) that I was able to get a grip and eventually reach escape velocity.

Here’s what I learned:

- We are all so fucking unique, and so long as we remain curious about who we are, we can identify and leverage our unique strengths.

- After having the curiosity to get to know ourselves, we must have the courage to be ourselves.

- To be the best at anything you must have an insatiable quench to fulfill your life’s purpose. If it’s not insatiable, you haven’t yet found your purpose.

- Say “NO” to everything the masses are doing. Most people don’t know how to eat, sleep, pick their career, find their soulmate, talk to anyone, protect themselves, etc.

- Say “YES” to self-discovery, personal growth, loving others deeply, the pursuit of meaning, being in nature, sunlight, whole food, good sleep, sex and laughter, becoming stronger, and getting to Know Your Physiology: the very science that makes you who you are.

The more you #KnowYourPhysio…


#IntrinsicMotivation #GetMotivated #HighPerformance #PeakPerformance #PositivePsychology #GetShitDone

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Dozens of studies have shown that people who have satisfying relationships with family, friends, and their community are happier, have fewer health problems, and live longer.

Sounds simple, right? It can be!

Today, we hear from Anthony Benedettini, Partnerships Recruiter and Sales Consultant at BiOptimizers and former Inside advisor at Tesla, about why he believes relationships are one of the key building blocks for optimum health!

With a background in applied physiology and kinesiology, Anthony is also a certified coach in Precision Nutrition, former Director of Strategic Partnerships at Perfect Keto, and former Head of Customer Experience at Dry Farm Wines.

In this episode, he shares the three main sources of energy in his life; money, vitality, and relationships, and we hear his theory on a simpler approach to longevity that doesn’t depend on expensive supplements and in-home devices. We also discuss what we can learn from those living in Blue Zones like Sardinia, and the importance of maintaining congruency.

Find out why Anthony describes himself as a ‘qualitarian’ and doesn’t subscribe to any diet in particular, and his perspective on the environments that he chooses to live in. Tune in today to learn about all this and so much more!

The more you #KnowYourPhysiology…

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Something I’m pondering a few hours before I get in bed: I owe most of my joy in life to sunlight.

I get sun every day, as early in the morning as possible, to prime my circadian biology for optimal health and performance before I embark on any daily responsibility.

Taking just a few minutes to do this every morning has had the best ROI vs any other “hack” I’ve implemented to start the day right feeling awesome, and it also helps with sleep! All thanks to a processing center buried deep in our brains called the SCN.

Here’s some evidence-based material you can dig into and savor by Eric Suni, staff writer at the @sleepfoundationorg:

“How does our body clock know what time of day it is? The circadian biological clock is controlled by a part of the brain called the Suprachiasmatic Nucleus (SCN), a group of cells in the hypothalamus that respond to light and dark signals.

When our eyes perceive light, our retinas send a signal to our SCN. The SCN sets off a chain reaction of hormone production and suppression that affects body temperature, appetite, sleep drive, and more.

Each morning, as sunlight creeps in, our body temperature begins to rise and cortisol is released, increasing our alertness and causing us to wake up.

In the evening, as it becomes dark outside, melatonin levels rise and body temperature lowers. Melatonin stays elevated throughout the night, promoting sleep.

As long as our eyes perceive light, the SCN responds by suppressing melatonin production. This explains why evening exposure to light, such as that from indoor light or electronic devices that emit blue light, make it harder to fall asleep.”

Get sun daily, get it early, enjoy awesome sleep, rinse and repeat!

The more you #KnowYourPhysiology…

#knowyourphysio #SleepScience #SleepFoundation #Recovery #LifestyleMedicine #OptimalHealth#SuprachiasmaticNucleus

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Ambition is commonplace, whereas uncovering and taking the necessary steps to meet ambition with tremendous achievement is largely rare.

Unless you can uncover and take the right steps towards your goals, the best you can do is cross your fingers (hopeless optimism).

This is especially true in the health and fitness realm, because everything is generalized in an effort to satisfy the masses, meaning we neglect our unique goals and biology (bioindividuality) while consuming content endlessly.

We end up too distracted and exhausted to get to the root of exactly who we are and what we need to level up and improve.

This is how and why many of our health and fitness efforts fail… Because each and every one of us is just that special.

So then, what does it take?

Well, to start, developing a visceral awareness of your physiology, the very science that makes you who you are, will help you turn over only the stones that will reveal and unleash your greatest potential.

This allows you to take the best actionable steps towards your goals because you’ll know exactly what your mind, body, and spirit need.

Lasting, positive lifestyle change, peak performance, and longevity is around the corner, all it takes is to #knowyourphysio.

Discover your science —> optimize your life and achieve endlessly.


#Ambition #HighPerformance #PeakPerformance #HealthOptimization #BioIndividuality #LifestyleMedicine

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