I’m extremely grateful for you and our relationship. Beyond me being your client, you have truly inspired me and having you as a mentor is a true blessing. I knew that if I completely changed my life and became both educated on my body and diet I would grow my hair back but I was at such a low point in my life that it was hard to have the courage to be so different from so many kids my age while going through hell mentally.

You were and continue to be my biggest motivation to be different, strong, and practicing the art of not giving a fuck about what doesn’t matter. Your smile glows brother, it’s because you love what you do and you gave me that gift as well. For that, I owe you one.

I’m about to complete and receive my primal health and nutritionist certification. In these past weeks, I’ve learned so much from the course but also your podcasts and cant wait till I have a platform to further spread KYP to even more like-minds to inspire.
- Sammy Killidar
Primal Health Coach and Alopecia Universalis recoveree
o be honest, when I first signed up for Andres’ program I was expecting nothing more than a workout routine with some tips here and there. That could not have been further from the truth. With our first meeting, Andres made it clear that this was no ordinary fitness program. He explained to me that this program would help me understand my body, both physically and mentally.

After getting setup with some health sensors, we identified that the quality of my sleep was atrocious. I should’ve known that having to take 1hr+ naps on a daily basis was not normal. Andres quickly helped me identify common problems with sleep and certain habits I could begin implementing to improve my sleep. I kid you not, within a few weeks I was completely done with my naps and now I have more energy throughout the day than I thought possible. Andres also helped me come up with fitness goals I wanted to achieve by the end of our program. After identifying these goals, within a few days Andres had a completely unique packet (later converted to app format for easier access) with multiple workout programs and routines as well as helpful nutrition tips I could implement to help me achieve my goals.

Every week, we would meet for an hour to discuss progress for that week and to make sure I was on track for my goals. Aside from discussing updates, Andres would slowly introduce the scientific backing for all of the routines I was implementing. Whether it was discussing the effects blue light has on our mind or the “superfoods” I was introducing into my diet, these discussions were nothing short of fascinating.

As a student, Andres understood that my mental wellbeing needed to be prioritized to ensure I would not only do well in school, but also be productive the rest of the day. By introducing me to meditation and several breathing techniques, I was able to manage my stress and workload with ease. I am confident that these habits will stick with me for the rest of my life. Saying that working with Andres has changed my life would be an understatement. I cannot be more grateful for the invaluable habits Andres has instilled in me.
- David Krajewski
Founder/CTO at Collegion and Software Engineer at Amazon Web Services
Good morning Andres, I want to thank you for the last few months, for helping me tremendously with my health, you did a great job, recommending the best doctors, and getting me the CGM, which was a game changer, as well as giving me lots of time resolving my issues, you're a true professional and I feel lucky to have met you and get to know you.

I value our relationship and would like to continue to be a friend, I wish you the best going forward.
- Abraham Banda
Founder and CEO at Pomegranate Supermarket: The premier kosher supermarket with a forward-thinking approach.
To be honest, I was hesitant of virtual trainers, especially one that I found on Instagram but Andres helped to lay my skepticism aside. After three months of fitness and wellness training, I'm not only in better shape but I also have a better mindset toward food,exercise and nutrition. So far, I've lost about 15 pounds while still retaining muscle. The last time when I was this weight, I was too thin because I had lost so much muscle. Andres is the real deal with his no BS (bro science) approach--only scientific, evidence-based knowledge. His die-hard commitment for helping others is real which helped to encourage me throughout the process. I would have never gotten to this stage in my fitness journey without his guidance, honesty and passion.

* Aaron lost 20lb of fat, gained 10lb of muscle, and feels more energized than ever before after 3 months of Know Your Physio coaching
- Aaron M.
Founder and CEO at Pomegranate Supermarket: The premier kosher supermarket with a forward-thinking approach.
Working with Andres has profoundly changed my way of life for the better. He and I were able to take a deep dive on my health that gave me everything I needed to level up my health and performance beyond what I imagined was possible. I’m humbled by our experience working together to say the least. Cheers to a long, healthy, and fun life!

*Michael gained 5lb of muscle, saw a 22% increase in VO2max (37.4 —> 45.4 mL/kg/min), a 12% increase in HRV (108 —> 121 ms), a 13% decrease in Resting HR (43 —> 38 bpm) a 24% decrease in Heart Age (29 —> 22 years), a 44% decrease in Fitness Age (43 —> 24 years), and a 21% increase in Sleep Scores (71 —> 86) after 3 months of VIP Coaching.
- Michael Duek
3rd place ($4,000,000) winner at the 2022 World Series of Poker
…I would like to add that I am very impressed by [Andres’] level of knowledge at such a young age. I have been a physician for 12 years and am just starting to feel like I know how to help people in terms of nutrition and exercise (which also speaks to the lack of those topics in medical school education, but I digress)
- Dr. Liz Ziemann
I have been following Andres on his social media for one year already. What impresses me the most about him is that he is hands on. Everything that he recommends he tries on himself first. His book and collaboration with the Doctor is nothing more than a testament of his commitment to back up his daily living with science and medicine. There should be more writers on this field that do what they preach. Everyone should read a book like this one!!
- German Olano Lopez
Everything on Know Your Physio’s page is science backed info... they are not messing around. Some of that stuff you've never even seen on some of the larger pages of instagram. Educating people to make confident calculated decisions with their body is the mission. Know Your Physio is a game changer for anyone trying to change their exrecise goals.
- Roberto V.
I’ve followed people with millions of followers and I can honestly say they haven't been as impactful as you have. You're reaching lives out here and it's an amazing thing. I hope it inspires you to do more because I've learned a lot from you, thank you.
- J. Anthony
You're legit, that's why I follow you. I like that you delve into the science of the nutrition and fitness info you post about. I'm a bio major and appreciate the detail of your content. Don't give up on Know Your Physio— it's a nice change to see people that actually know what they're talking about on this platform. I'm looking forward to your fitness plans soon!
- Ricardo R.
Thanks a lot for my Health Plan and the rapidity with which you sent it. Its an excellent source of information, like a small encyclopedia, and I’ve read through it carefully over the last couple of days to make sure I absorb all the Info.
- Isaac L.
Hard worker. Enthusiast researcher. Super health coach.
- Moises Roizental
I just want to thank you for helping me understand the importance of nutrition in everyday life. It’s helped my energy levels, my sleep, and overall focus. Everything has improved with your help and guidance these past 6 months with your blog posts and all of the questions you’ve helped me find answers to. I don’t think you understand… My diet and lifestyle is solely based off your teachings and findings—like, I wouldn’t be eating things like dates, beets, dark cholocate, and sardines if it weren’t for you! What I love about your content is that it isn’t about bodybuilding, but rather about what’s best for our bodies in the long run, and what will help us operate at the highest level naturally.
- Max A.
When I look at your videos it is almost like you are a practical version of Tony Robbins the motivational speaker. To me you are more like a lifestyle coach— how to eat, how to train, very practical steps and I can see you going a long way. So I am a golf instructor, coached a South African who won 2 US Open, my brother has been on PGA tour for many years and I have two twin boys who are showing great signs. They have learned to apply some of your theories and substance to their golf and it’s taken them to the top! I really enjoy what you stand for Andres, thanks for all you do. Cheers!
- Sam Frost
Que bien ver gente tan joven como tú...preparada, educada y con ganas de hacer las cosas bien! Congrats! Keep it up!
- Mariam B.
You give so much impactful information for free, I have actually never seen a page quite like yours with so much factual info that can be implemented by literally anyone & I know that be it's been helping me out understand more, and I'm a newbie to the healthy world. Keep being so amazinggg!
- Scar
You know i never really used Instagram much until i started following your page. Always looking forward to new content and grateful that I'm more informed than I've ever been. Progress has been good, all these foods i always thought tasted "too healthy" and weren't "normal food" actually taste great, are what you're supposed to eat, and leave me feeling more satisfied after meals. And it all started with that ONE convo we had at the round table in the library…
- Avi Z.
I’m so proud of you brother. This is some great content, informative yet entertaining. You have a lot of charisma, that's what great leaders are made of.
- Will M.
Your posts are so much better than other fitness pages , they actually are backed and explained and not just some nonsense // there's so much stuff you can read about fitness / training online and I'm always sceptical but the posts you share contain so much useful information!
- Tyler H.
Andres is a natural podcaster!! With a great voice, super-fast brain, he is able to formulate the most interesting questions right on the spot. He is also has a great sense of humor. His podcasts are a wealth of knowledge and his questions make them an even more enjoyable experience. They may cover topics from exercise, food, nutrition all the way to EMF and space science. Plan to listen with some time on your side, because you may find yourself listening to a few podcasts in a raw. If at 26 years of age his team and himself are able to generate such great content, imagine in 5-10 years from now....
-Alejandro Leon
Registered Dietitian Trained in Functional Medicine
Andrés Preschel exhibits an unwavering commitment to continuously learning about the intricacies and interconnectedness of our physiology and neurology within the whole system that is the human body, sharing all of the invaluable knowledge along the way via his ever-evolving #KnowYourPhysio podcast. Through listening to the podcast, I continue to learn about the detailed science behind the newest discoveries of how our interconnected neuro-physio systems operate - explained clearly and succinctly for those of us that lack the formal training in the relevant scientific fields.

Because Andrés has developed a vast amount of knowledge through his own research and practical life applications of his research, his podcast interviews with his guests in varying fields of expertise cut through the noise and really delve deep into the core wisdom of any topic on hand. Many times I need to listen to specific episodes in order to really catch all of the wealth of information that is revealed in what feels like the shortest 60 minutes I’ve ever experienced.

My background in Philosophy includes a lifetime of interest in the underlying intricacies of our human intuition. Andrés has brought an element of that focus and somehow has encompassed a ‘physiological intuition’ into his conversations which has helped complete the picture of our mind-body-spirit connection for me. Detailing scientifically-backed processes of optimizing our bodies’ systems as a whole through his podcast conversations with prominent experts in the varying related fields is a staple in my continued life goal of showing how age can be nearly irrelevant when the system of the body is properly tuned to it’s best performance capability.

A little-known fact that has made me become even more inspired by Andrés than I already had been is when I became aware of how he was able to convert a life-altering impediment into one of his most incredible strengths: his voice. My career in television and film production has created an ability for me to quickly recognize those rare voices that stand out for being both very pleasing to listen to combined with superior diction. Andrés’ voice has always stood out as one of those rare combinations. After getting to know Andrés I found out that he had a debilitating stutter (speech impediment) when he was younger. Incredibly, he not only was able to overcome this impediment but was actually able to turn his voice into one of his most intriguing qualities - one of the rare voices that can easily be listened to for hours at a time while also having extremely clear, impeccable diction.

I truly wish everyone can share the gift I’ve discovered in Andrés Preschel. For the betterment of your mind, body, spirit and thus your overall quality of life, find a podcast that intrigues you and have a listen … I can promise that once you start listening, you’ll want to hear them all. The best part is, new episodes with even more knowledge keep coming.
- J Hopkins

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