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Passionate About Helping You

Discover Your Science So You Can Optimize Your Life


Years Practicing as an Applied Physiologist and Health Consultant

I believe you deserve to Know Your Physiology, the very science that makes you who you are.

Andrés Preschel

Before me I see a world where physiological intuition is a human right, and the best and latest science is immediately applicable and accessible for you to enjoy total mind and body fitness, self-actualization, and your longest and most fulfilling lifespan.

I’m here to help you extinguish decision-making fatigue and turn over the stones that will reveal and unleash your most tremendous potential. Through my content and coaching, you will develop the interoception necessary to make strides towards a fully-optimized life.

My dedication to this field derives from a selfish place born out of necessity before it became the selfless zeal I’m known for across the world. It was through my health journey (mainly battling ADD and ten years of Adderall dependency with related side effects) and love for the scientific method that I found my way.

Eventually, with the right knowledge and mentorship, I stumbled upon an enhanced state of awareness between mind, body, and spirit where healthy intentions met actionable steps and lasting, positive lifestyle change.

Today I call this “physiological intuition,” and to me, it’s a right that every human being deserves to thrive with, without having to battle themselves or pursue a degree to discover it.

My focus lies in making your science as accessible as possible.

By accessible I don’t just mean easy to get your hands on, but also to understand and apply. Of course, a prerequisite for this process is making science sexy, engaging, and available for you across all formats (written, audio, video, etc), platforms (Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, TikTok, books, courses, web, etc) and languages.

While I I hope to help, influence, and inspire as many people as possible, my ultimate goal is for YOU to become self-sufficient on your self-improvement journey, where you no longer need me to continue making progress.

Let’s discover your science and optimize your life!

Bianca Andreescu

US Open and Canadian Open Champion

Andres was a valuable addition to my professional team during my 2023 season. He helped me achieve all of my fitness and health goals through expertly guided meal planning, health analytics, glucose monitoring and more. His methodology is extremely thorough, and he would be a great resource for anyone looking to improve their health and wellness.


On a recent trip to the beach, I dove into the ocean depths with Andrés Preschel, a Miami-based fitness wizard and friend of mine who's just as nuts about exercise physiology as I am. Andrés and I chatted about everything from freediving to spearfishing, from breathwork to staying healthy while on the road. But that's just the tip of the iceberg.

Andrés' story is a testament to perseverance. New York-born but Venezuela-raised, Andrés navigated life with ADD from an early age, all the while dealing with health issues like body dysmorphia, anxiety, insomnia, and more. Yet, in true warrior fashion, he decided to take charge of his own health before his hardest year in high school, stepping off medication and taking on a health-focused journey.

Blending a passion for sports with a scientific brain, Andrés dove into the study of human nutrition and physiology, overcoming his personal battles and even acing academic exams in the process. Fast forward, and he's built up quite the résumé: a degree from the University of Miami, numerous academic accolades, and a muscular physique to boot.

Currently, as the founder of Know Your Physio and a founding member at Drym Health, Andrés is on a mission to offer lifestyle solutions to the most ambitious people out there, creating data-driven programs for better performance, longer lifespan, ideal body composition, and so much more. When he's not geeking out on health and fitness, you can find him spearfishing, cycling, cooking, or chilling with his loved ones.
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Embark on a personal journey with Know Your Physio, as we guide you to unlock your physiological intuition, empowering you to optimize your health, master your performance, and live a truly fulfilling life.

Know Your Physio

Embark on a personal journey with Know Your Physio, as we guide you to unlock your physiological intuition, empowering you to optimize your health, master your performance, and live a truly fulfilling life.

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Know Your Physio

Embark on a personal journey with Know Your Physio, as we guide you to unlock your physiological intuition, empowering you to optimize your health, master your performance, and live a truly fulfilling life.

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Feedback from my clients.

Take a look at what my clients have to say about their experiences working with me. Their feedback can provide valuable insights into the quality of my services and the impact they have had on their lives.

Andres is by far the best all encompassing health professional I have ever worked with. I started working with Andres because I had extreme food poisoning that affected me for over a year. With his help I restructured my gut biome, learned how to track, manage, and maintain my biomarkers, and gained muscle mass, getting me closer to my own personal physique goals. That alone should amaze you, but not only has he been the most phenomenal health coach I’ve ever worked with, he has also become a great friend. He has hosted group meetups, introducing me to countless likeminded professionals who have a passion for health, who have also become great friends. Having a community of liked minded people to help achieve your goals is priceless. I am now more competent, confident, and capable to handle health challenges myself. This is all due to Andre’s. I can’t describe how much this man has impacted my life. Do yourself a favor and work with him. It’ll be the best decision you’ve ever made!

Andrew Grace

I reached out to Andres to hire him for coaching on fitness and nutrition during one of the most difficult transitions of my life. 
At first, I was skeptical when I called him to ask about getting jacked and he told me to get a microbiome test and practice breath work. However, the tools Andres offered me to get in touch with my own physiology and intuition transformed a simple fitness journey into an opportunity to reinvent myself. 
He has offered me critical resources to intentionally design a completely new identity and become the person I have always wished to be. I am now showing up as a true leader in the most important areas of my life, and striving to improve always.
TL/DR: Working with Andres is like having Tim Ferris and Andrew Huberman in your back pocket AND on speed dial.
Thanks man!

Parker McCurley

Founder and CEO of Decent DAO

Trusting my intuition by working with Andres and the team at Know Your Physio was by far one of the best decisions I could have made for my long term health. Seeking knowledge can be quite overwhelming with all of the conflicting information about health, wellness, and physiology. Trusting Andres helped me unlock a potential that I felt was lost and without Andres and Know Your Physio I never would have discovered this.


Jack Daniels

Andres Preschel is an exceptionally well-spoken, educated coach for health, fitness, and business ventures. Andres gave my business team the ideal outline and philosophy behind the intricacies of designing an optimal business model/website.

Andres’s team quickly provided me with an overview and detailed description/transcription of the topics discussed during our meetings for further review. I feel much more prepared, and I am grateful for the time Andres took to help my team harvest future success. 


Anthony Rodriguez

Man, these guys have been a game-changer for me. It’s not just about shedding pounds – it’s a whole lifestyle shift. The effectiveness is off the charts, and it’s sustainable, which is key. Sure, there’s this hypersensitivity to different environments, as you mentioned. Last night, I was practically counting the minutes to get home, dealing with the biometric tracking and all. But honestly, that’s a minor hiccup compared to the overall benefits.

Stress management? Oh, it’s been my savior. My stress levels were sky-high, but since our talks, it’s like I found the secret sauce. I’m handling crazy work situations, covering for two sales guys, juggling quotes and responsibilities – it’s intense, but I’m keeping my cool. A few months back, I’d have these frustration outbursts, tossing notebooks around, cursing the chaos. Not anymore. I still get those moments, wondering why I’m stuck with certain tasks, but I’m seeing the bigger picture. Once these guys are back, the chaos will settle.

And the diet! It’s surprising how a seemingly more restrictive diet doesn’t bother me at all. It’s way more limiting than my previous paleo or keto adventures, but the difference is, I’m sticking to it effortlessly. It’s been a revelation.

Now, exercise is the next frontier. The recent trip threw a wrench in the plans, but now that I’m back and ready to dive in, that’s where I see real room for improvement. It’s the missing piece, and I’m excited to see how it’ll amplify the positive changes I’ve already experienced. These guys have been my partners in this journey, and I’m looking forward to leveling up even more. Cheers to a healthier, more balanced life!

Screenshot 2024-04-07 224138

Arman H.

Project Manager at GlowbackLED

In just a few weeks, I’ve experienced incredible improvements in my physical and mental well-being through the program. The guidance provided has not only enhanced my body but also elevated my mind and soul. We delved into the significance of sustained effort and commitment for the upcoming year, discussing the potential for building successful businesses and achieving financial freedom. Recognizing the value of life coaching, I highlighted its pivotal role in the journey of successful entrepreneurs. Our conversation unveiled the importance of hydration, caloric expenditure, and proactive measures for optimal brain function. I value the program’s holistic approach to health, considering both physical and mental aspects. Moving forward, I am fully committed to continuing this transformative journey, prepared to confront potential challenges. Overall, the program has delivered tangible benefits and a newfound understanding of personal growth and leadership. It emphasizes the importance of investing in oneself for sustained success.


Bernardo Essenfeld

Founder, CEO, DiscoveRE Marketing Agency

I have to say, the past three weeks have been nothing short of transformative. The impact on my mental clarity and focus is astonishing. The brain fog is gone, and I feel genuinely refreshed. This newfound stamina allows me to work for six hours straight without feeling drained. It’s been at least a decade since I felt this energized and productive. The improvements in productivity and overall well-being are already noticeable, and we’re just getting started.

I took this initiative for a reason, and the results speak for themselves. The quick wins promised at the beginning of our journey are already manifesting. My sensitivity to healthy habits has increased, and I’m witnessing positive changes not just in myself but also in Bernie (business partner). We’re just scratching the surface, and it feels good to finally prioritize my health after years of neglect.

For about 6-8 years, I neglected my sleep, health, and hydration. The damage seemed irreversible, but your guidance has shown me that change is possible. Your emphasis on letting go of the past and embracing a new identity has been powerful. This journey is a form of self-love and an investment in well-being. I’m excited about the upcoming exploration of neurogenesis, neuroplasticity, and mitochondrial enhancement. Everything is working, and I’m loving it. Thanks for guiding me toward a healthier, more productive life!

Cole Becker

Let me break it down,

So, there’s this vibe, this whole thing happening, and it’s like finding a missing piece. There was a time when energy and motivation were my jam, and now, with what’s rolling here, it’s like circling back to that sweet spot.

We’re diving into health and wellness, and that’s why I jumped on board. But it’s more—it’s about feeling alive, pushing limits. Yet, the real gold is in those connections, the genuine ones. It’s like we’re all digging deep together, each on our unique paths.

This ain’t just good timing; it’s like the stars aligned. I’m fully invested, no doubt. Thanks for this journey, for making it real. Here’s to going even deeper, unlocking more together.

jon laurie

Jon L.

Andres Preschel has been an invaluable source of support, guidance, and inspiration in various aspects of my life over the past six years—
playing a pivotal role in transforming my approach to health, fitness, and overall well-being.

Andres has demonstrated a profound commitment to helping me achieve my health and fitness goals.
His expertise in nutrition has been instrumental in reshaping not only my physical appearance but also my understanding of sustainable habits.
His advice has instilled a sense of confidence in my ability to make informed choices about my diet.
Andres’s approach to workout optimization has also kept me motivated and challenged me to surpass my own limitations.

Beyond the physical aspects of well-being, Andres has been an unwavering pillar of support for my mental health.
His empathetic and compassionate guidance has helped me navigate challenges, fostering a positive mindset that extends far beyond diet and the gym.
Andres delves into the psychological aspects of fitness and mental health, making him a holistic and indispensable mentor.
Through his encouragement and insightful advice, I have been able to establish routines that promote a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

I am deeply grateful for the positive changes Andres has facilitated in my life, and I wholeheartedly recommend his services to anyone seeking a holistic approach to health, fitness, and well-being.

David Lund

I have really enjoyed our conversations. There are few people like you, and the hours we spent together are like gold


Kevin Ryan

Founder and CEO at AlleyCorp.

Andres has done an amazing job for me over a long term programme to gradually transform my health and wellbeing. I was very busy and approaching 50 so I wanted a coach to systematically guide me through a realistic long term plan to improve my quality of life. We tackled many different dimensions: sleep, diet, hydration, fitness, strength, VO2 in a fascinating way where Andres gave me deep insight and learnings in each area before together we figured out what was best for me and also realistic bearing in mind my lifestyle. My energy levels have gone through the roof, I’ve gradually lost 10% of my bodyweight whilst keeping enough energy to increase muscle mass, fitness and strength. We re-built my body so I could achieve a goal to run seriously again and I just competed my home town 10 mile road race, running 16km at a pace I was doing 5km at a year ago. But most importantly we’ve had a great relationship, a lot of fun along the way and figured out a way to do all this and still have time do everything else and have a great quality of life.


Simon Denyer

Co-Founder at PEAK Sport Media,
former CEO at DAZN

“I’m so proud of you brother. This is some great content, informative yet entertaining. You have a lot of charisma, that's what great leaders are made of.”

Will M.

“Que bien ver gente tan joven como tú...preparada, educada y con ganas de hacer las cosas bien! Congrats! Keep it up!”

Mariam B.

“Hard worker. Enthusiast researcher. Super health coach.”

Moises Roizental MD, FSIR

“Thanks a lot for my Health Plan and the rapidity with which Andrés sent. Its an excellent source of information, like a small encyclopedia, and I’ve read through it carefully over the last couple of days to make sure I absorb all the Info.”

Isaac L.

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