Wade Lightheart: Magnesium Breakthrough and Health Optimization | The Benefits of Magnesium and How to Optimize Your Health

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Wade Lightheart: Magnesium Breakthrough and Health Optimization | The Benefits of Magnesium and How to Optimize Your Health

Today’s guest, Wade Lightheart; author, athlete, nutritionist, and expert on fixing digestion. Wade is a three-time Canadian bodybuilding champion, who competed as a vegetarian. He is one of the world’s foremost authorities on natural nutrition and training methods. After competing in Mr. Universe, and his health failed him, Wade began to search for answers and developed what he calls his Awesome Health System. Today’s podcast keys in on magnesium, which Dr. Mark Sircus identifies as the most powerful solution we have to a plethora of health problems. During our conversation, Wade gives us the full background on why 75 percent of Americans are not getting enough magnesium today and what the implications are on our health and overall wellbeing. Using the example of Tom Brady to illustrate his point, he explains how practicing bio-optimizing principles can extend the quality and length of our lives. You’ll hear about the key role that magnesium plays in supporting all areas of our health and he introduces us to the seven varieties of magnesium included in the newly optimized Magnesium Breakthrough product. Join us to hear all this and more today.

Key Points From This Episode:

  • BioOptimizers’ new and improved formula for Magnesium Breakthrough.
  • A discount code to get 10 percent off Magnesium Breakthrough and free shipping: ANDRES
  • An introduction to today’s guest, author, athlete, and digestion expert Wade Lightheart.
  • Wade’s definition for optimized health which he refers to as Awesome Health.
  • The history of how our food lost magnesium content through mass production following World War 2.
  • Tom Brady’s story of extending his career by 25 percent by practicing bio-optimizing principles.
  • The excessive stimulatory effect that technology has on our nervous system.
  • What he attributes the lack of knowledge around the power of magnesium to: we live in an attention age, rather than an information age.
  • How magnesium plays a critical role in supporting dysregulated mood and depression.
  • The process of testing that Wade and his business partner did on different types of magnesium.
  • What the ‘ate’ suffix refers to in magnesium varieties: how it has been molecularly bonded.
  • The seven magnesium varieties in Magnesium Breakthrough: chelate, citrate, bisglycinate, malate, taurine, sucrosomial, and orotate.
  • Aesthetics, performance, and health; the three areas of focus that they have.
  • Elements that improve delivery: hemic and fulvic acid, B6, and manganese.
  • The challenge of working with so many different-sized molecules. 
  • Wade’s biohacking experiment with intravenous magnesium and what he experienced.
  • How through independent and guided experimentation, he came to today’s formula.
  • His bucket theory on health and nutrients illustrating the goal of being in excess.
  • Why there is no threonate in Magnesium Breakthrough: patent limitations.
  • The relevance of the prebiotic, probiotic, and vitamins that you take.
  • An invitation to spread the word if you use the products and love them.

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