Using Science, Technology, and Ancestral Wisdom to Get the Most Out of Your DNA with Zachary Loewenstein

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Using Science, Technology, and Ancestral Wisdom to Get the Most Out of Your DNA with Zachary Loewenstein

Through changing the body’s internal and external environment, you can effectively control and influence the majority of the physiological and psychological issues you might find yourself facing in the 21st century. By combining ancient wisdom with a modern understanding of chemistry, neurology, microbiology, and technology, today’s guest is passionate about mastering the art and science of mind-body coherence and runs a state-of-the-art bio-optimization facility to help others do the same. In this episode, Andrés Preschel sits down with his friend, Zachary Loewenstein, affectionately known as BioHack Zach, to discuss his personal journey with biohacking, what he uses to track his biometric data and some of the benefits of building stress resilience through techniques like cryotherapy to help you adapt and evolve your body to perform and feel its best. This episode is full of data-driven recommendations and advice from an expert in the bio-optimization field, so make sure to tune in today!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • An introduction to Zachary Loewenstein and his journey with biohacking.
  • The role that awareness of your unconscious thoughts, behaviors, and tendencies plays.
  • Learn about isokinetic and isometric exercise from a neuromuscular training perspective.
  • Achieving complete body recomposition and tracking using a specialized 3D scanner.
  • The brain’s natural bias and how to bypass it using data from the 3D scanner.
  • Why it is more difficult for certain people to lose or gain weight based on their genetics.
  • Why body fat percentage isn’t the best metric to base your health on.
  • Zach shares his experience with biometrics and what he uses to track his biometric data.
  • The benefits of tracking your heart rate variability or HRV, especially when it comes to stress.
  • How building stress resilience helps you adapt and evolve your body.
  • The fat burning benefits of allowing your body to self-regulate after cold water therapy.
  • Why Zach doesn’t recommend doing cold therapy after exercise.
  • The separation between acting to prevent disease and acting to perform and feel your best.
  • How eating in accordance with his natural circadian rhythm has benefited Zach.
  • Different ways of analyzing your genetic data to customize your approach.
  • Zach shares the science and benefits behind intravenous NAD therapy.
  • How often he recommends that someone does this kind of therapy.
  • Andrés and Zach discuss why they believe that ADD is almost like a superpower.
  • Why Zach believes having contentiousness is the biggest superpower in 2021.
  • Find out why he prefers the term bio-optimization to the term biohacking.
  • Using science, technology, and ancestral wisdom to get the most out of your DNA.

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