The Science of the Carnivore Diet with Dr. Shawn Baker

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The Science of the Carnivore Diet with Dr. Shawn Baker

We have an extra-special, stand-out episode for you today with none other than Dr. Shawn Baker, a leading expert in the field of red meat protein and the CEO and co-founder of MeatRx! Shawn is a speaker, podcast host, father, author, and physician, and we get to hear all about the evolution of his nutrition philosophy and his approach to helping more people eat more meat every day! We get into a deep conversation with our guest, discussing the carnivore diet that he promotes from many different perspectives, getting into his good intentions, the mission behind his work, and his ultimate goal of helping people live longer, healthier lives, an aim we fully support here at the Know Your Physio Podcast! You may recognize Dr. Baker from his videos making fun of vegans on TikTok, but as you will see there is much more to him than that, and he explains why that branch of his brand is necessary in order to promote his message. Dr. Baker talks about why meat is the original superfood, some illuminating information on protein, and so much more that you are not going to want to miss. Listen in with us to hear it all.

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Setting the record straight on the carcinogenicity of red meat! 
  • Looking at the quality and health impacts of the meat industry today compared with our ancestral diets.
  • Dr. Baker's mission as a physician is to bring information to more people about their health.
  • Getting away from junk food in the same way as other health hazards.
  • The amounts of red meat that need to be consumed to accrue the benefits that Dr. Baker has identified. 
  • Clarifying what Dr. Baker means by the term 'carnivore'; the exact components of his diet. 
  • Effects on the kidneys and liver from high protein intake. 
  • Looking at the carnivore diet and athletes; different practices for certain performance.
  • Assessing your need for red meat and Dr. Baker's recommendations for the tests you can do yourself. 
  • Dr. Baker's thoughts on protein shakes and powders and why he prefers other sources.
  • Considering the relationship between cholesterol levels and high intake of meat. 
  • Misconceptions and uninformed opinions about the carnivore diet.
  • The processed nature of so much meat and the different kinds of sausage that are available.
  • Gut health and the carnivore diet; the surprising findings of the latest research.  
  • Dr. Baker addresses environmental questions around animal agriculture.
  • Thoughts on the slaughter of animals in the name of food: Dr. Baker's response. 
  • The truth behind the vegan agenda and what motivates anti-meat lobbies.  
  • Dr. Baker's own path to his current philosophy and the important steps in the process. 
  • Where to start with a carnivore diet: Dr. Baker's recommendations for the best sources of animal protein. 

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