Sarah Turner: Illuminate Your Life | Exploring Photobiomodulation, Circadian Biology, and the Expansion of Consciousness

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Sarah Turner: Illuminate Your Life | Exploring Photobiomodulation, Circadian Biology, and the Expansion of Consciousness

Light is fundamental to our existence as human beings; it has been a part of our development from the beginning of our time on earth and it continues to impact almost every part of our lives in ways that we are not even aware of. At least according to Sarah Turner, an expert in photobiomodulation and the co-founder and Head of Science at CeraThrive, the red light therapy system targets the gut-brain axis. Sarah is a scientist through and through, but her interest has oscillated from the mechanical end of the spectrum (through her work in the pharmaceutical industry) to the holistic and alternative end (through the studying she did when she became disillusioned with the pharmaceutical industry). She is now in the process of finding her optimal positioning somewhere between the two, and in today's episode, Sarah shares a wealth of mind-boggling information about consciousness, circadian biology, and photobiomodulation that will cause you to rethink everything you thought you knew, and realize how much more there is still to be discovered! 

Key Points From This Episode:

  • A rundown of Sarah’s educational and professional background.
  • An explanation of what the field of photobiomodulation encompasses.
  • The series of experiments that led to Sarah's awakening about environmental effects.
  • What grounding is and how it impacts our physiology. 
  • Areas that are optimal for grounding, and those that are not.
  • Radical changes that Sarah’s belief system has undergone.
  • Two degrees that Sarah completed when she became disillusioned with the pharmaceutical industry. 
  • How light influences our biology.
  • The gulf that exists between the fields of biophysics and biology.  
  • Examples of how to structure your life so that you are in alignment with natural light cycles.
  • Sarah explains how red and infrared light therapies work.
  • Red and infrared devices that Sarah uses in her daily life. 
  • The role of the vagus nerve. 
  • How light affects bacteria, particularly those in our gut. 
  • Quantum biology; what it is and why it matters. 
  • Sarah shares her thoughts on consciousness. 
  • What the biohacking movement should be focused on. 
  • Andrés’ experiences with psilocybin.  
  • The Sarah System: Sarah’s new project. 
  • Sarah’s experience of making a movie, and where you can access it. 

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FASEB Journal Article: ‘Blood Contains Circulating Cell-Free Respiratory Competent Mitochondria.’ 

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