Matt Maruca: Illuminating the Role of Light and Our Circadian Rhythm for Optimal Health

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Know Your Physio
Know Your Physio
Matt Maruca: Illuminating the Role of Light and Our Circadian Rhythm for Optimal Health

Ra Optics produces the world’s best blue-blocking eyewear and today we are very excited to bring you a conversation with the company’s CEO, Matt Maruca! Matt is an expert on light and its huge influence on our physiology and after meeting in person recently at the Health Optimisation Summit in London, it only seemed right to sit down and unpack some of his wisdom and the benefits of the glasses he is bringing to market. Matt has an amazing ability to distill advanced topics into actionable steps and vital insights and listeners can expect to come away from this episode with a whole lot of useful information and reasons to get serious about circadian rhythms. Matt generously shares some of his own health journey, dealing with diet and learning, and how this led to his current work. We also have time to discuss the connections between the different parts of our physiology and the central piece that sleep and light play in this configuration. So to catch it all from one of the most intuitive, present, and grounded people around, be sure to press play!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Matt shares his appreciation for the recent Health Optimisation Summit. [05:14]
  • A brief definition of health optimization and what brought Matt to the conference. [06:06]
  • How Matt found himself in his current business; producing blue-blocking eyewear. [10:03]
  • Differentiating between types of light and light energy. [14:01]
  • The reasons for the evolution of our circadian rhythm. [18:49]
  • The two lens types that Ra Optics currently offers. [31:33]
  • Matt explains why the daylight lenses are so important. [41:16]
  • Immediate effects experienced by the nervous system. [45:18]
  • Conditioning healthy sleep and the power of the mind in determining the state of our system. [49:18]
  • The specifics of the sunset lenses; avoiding the damaging cycle of overstimulation. [54:10]
  • Data and research into blue-light blocking and sleep. [1:04:14]
  • A holistic approach to the factors that combine to determine our health. [1:11:16]
  • Matt shares the five pillars of the light diet! [1:15:24]
  • Healthy seasonal adjustments to meal times. [1:23:31]

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