London Health Optimisation Summit Montage w/ Max Lugavere, Jim Kwik, Sol Brah, Lucas Aoun, Wade Lightheart, and Chris Rinsch

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Know Your Physio
Know Your Physio
London Health Optimisation Summit Montage w/ Max Lugavere, Jim Kwik, Sol Brah, Lucas Aoun, Wade Lightheart, and Chris Rinsch

Today’s episode contains a series of interviews from the recent Health Optimisation Summit, held in London. Tuning in you will hear from a selection of informed voices talking about what brought them to the event, and some specific thoughts on the concepts of health optimization right now. Lucas Aoun from Boost Your Biology offers some accessible ways that you can use supplements to improve every day before we hear from Sol Brah about his holistic philosophy for making the most of our physiology and how we share information. Max Lugavere then talks a little about his presentation at the summit, and building information networks to promote healthy communities. Chris Rinsch tells us about his product, Mitopure, his company Timeline Nutrition, and the foundational aspects of mitochondrial health before we hear from Jim Kwik about some deeper aspects of healthfulness, including fulfillment, recovery, and self-awareness. Lastly, listeners will get to hear from Wade Lightheart about his goals for BiOptimizers and his best advice for pursuing optimal health on the individual level. Join us to catch it all in this special episode!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Lucas Aoun shares his hopes for the conference and his foundational thoughts about health optimization. [05:13]
  • Simple and practical steps from Lucas for the average person to improve performance. [07:03]
  • Why Lucas is so excited about dileucine and theacrine. [08:51]
  • Health optimization according to Sol Brah. [13:39]
  • Ancestral approaches to health; how Sol Brah evaluates the value of information. [17:24]
  • Sol Brah’s advice for sharing wisdom online. [20:37]
  • Chris Rinsch talks about his product, Mitopure, and his excitement about the summit. [26:35]
  • A targeted approach from mitochondria in the skin. [29:37]
  • Chris shares his definition of optimal health and promoting a holistic philosophy toward physiology. [32:59]
  • Jim Kwik’s thoughts on health optimization and his reasons for attending the summit. [32:00]
  • Thoughts on fulfillment, self-knowledge, and failure from Jim. [40:17]
  • Wade Lightheart talks about the mission at BiOptimizers and how this translates at the event. [43:27]
  • How Wade defines optimal health and his primary advice for achieving it. [44:03]
  • A little bit of info on the book Wade is publishing later this year! [51:00]

Links Mentioned in Today’s Episode:

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Jim Kwik

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Max Lugavere

Max Lugavere on Twitter

Sol Brah

Sol Brah on Twitter

Wade Lightheart

Wade Lightheart on Twitter


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