Jeroen Molinger, PhD: Treating Patients Like Athletes, VO2 vs Longevity, and Ketosis | The Intersection of Athletic Performance and Longevity

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Jeroen Molinger, PhD: Treating Patients Like Athletes, VO2 vs Longevity, and Ketosis | The Intersection of Athletic Performance and Longevity

The emergent field of biohacking has seen massive steps forward in the last few years, and yet there are still plenty of areas ripe for improvement and progress. Joining us on the show today is exercise physiologist, and the creator of Splendo, Jeroen Molinger, to talk about the idea of treating patients like athletes and to share some of his insight into the fascinating subject of ketones. Jeroen is passionate about education in the health and wellness space and has spent a lot of time with patients from compromised populations, which is where he has been able to demonstrate the power of his approach. In our chat, we get to explore Jeroen's perspectives on which of the biometric tracking devices are the best, including a look at the one he and his team have developed. We also get into some interesting ideas about better integration of data and further application of the wisdom of exercise physiology. So to catch it all in this great episode, tune in today!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Introductory remarks and a little about Jeroen's professional biography. [00:00]
  • Jeroen shares his motivations for entering the field of physiology. [06:57]
  • Comments on bridging the gaps between different healthcare approaches. [09:27]
  • Jeroen explains what a metabolic cart is and how it works. [14:23]
  • Breaking down the Fick Equation. [18:43]
  • Exploring low-grade chronic inflammation and mitochondrial health. [26:45]
  • Jeroen's approach to ketosis and his favored exogenous ketones. [30:08]
  • Heart attack prevention; what the science is currently telling us about heart health. [34:05]
  • Good and bad signs; Jeroen clarifies cardiac output numbers. [41:19]
  • Formulas for the best workouts; intensity, reps, sets, and more. [45:50]
  • Better methods and tools for home measurement of biometrics. [50:24]
  • Lifestyle tips from Jeroen for mitochondrial health optimization. [57:13]
  • Precautions with certain kinds of ketogenic diets and supplements. [1:00:10]
  • Dealing with ADD and why looking beyond the standard medications might be the best way forward. [1:02:55]
  • Sleep, caffeine, and ketones; the unique results that we each experience. [1:04:02]
  • Questions about combining ketone supplements with vaccines. [1:09:32]
  • Biometric tracking and bio-hacks for professional sports performance. [1:13:32]
  • Why mindset change is the most powerful tool for patients, clients, and healthcare professionals. [1:17:56]
  • Inspiring younger audiences and opening up the field to a wider section of the population! [1:20:15]

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