HRV & Stress Tolerance with Dr. Jay T. Wiles

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Know Your Physio
Know Your Physio
HRV & Stress Tolerance with Dr. Jay T. Wiles

Joining Andres on the podcast today is Dr. Jay T. Wiles, a Clinical Health Psychologist who is Board Certified in both HRV Biofeedback, and Tai Chi for Rehabilitation. His passion for helping others reach their full potential from an integrative and holistic perspective has led him to work with elite athletes as well as executives from the business world. Dr. Wiles hosts his own podcast, ‘Mindhacker’s Radio’, offers one-on-one coaching through his integrative and holistic wellness center, ‘Thrive Wellness and Performance’, and is overall one of the happiest guys you’re ever going to meet.


In this episode, Dr. Wiles begins by describing his own health and life journey, and then engages in a discourse regarding all things related to Heart Rate Variability (HRV). Along the way, he touches upon what it can tell us, how to assess it, devices that he recommends, and the most common habits and techniques that he prescribes. He also shares some valuable resources for listeners to explore, runs through a breathwork demonstration, and explains grounding and Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) and their effects. Throughout the conversation, Andres shares his own varied experiences with the concepts and products Dr. Wiles presents, and together they share their recommendations for all of us to implement. As you will discover, Dr. Wiles’ remarkable passion and enthusiasm for these topics is matched by Andres’ as they examine these fundamental biometrics and the benefits that their application can bring to all listeners. As Andres notes, he learned so much from this expert, and it’s a guarantee that you will as well.


Episode Highlights:


·   Dr. Wiles’ ‘why’ and what motivates him

·   His life journey

·   Dr. Wiles’ certifications and the evolution of biofeedback

·   Heart rate variability (HRV) and what it can tell us

·   The different ways to assess HRV

·   2 devices that Dr. Wiles recommends

·   The most common habits/techniques he prescribes

·   The Oxygen Advantage by Patrick McKeown, and Breath by James Nestor

·   Vagal tone

·   The hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis (HPA axis)

·   Meditation

·   A breathwork exercise demonstration

·   Self-awareness and self-regulation

·   Dr. Wiles’ recommendations for freedivers as well as the average person

·   Buteyko and Wim Hof breathing

·   His daily routine and the non-negotiables within it

·   His perspective on Biohacking

·   Grounding and its benefits

·   Electromagnetic Fields (EMF), how they can affect HRV, and how to mitigate them

·   The Body Electric by Robert Becker


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