Harnessing Intuition to Pursue Your Passion with Idan Ravin

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Harnessing Intuition to Pursue Your Passion with Idan Ravin

Today’s very special guest, Idan Ravin, is an individual who is proof positive of just what is possible when you have the right degree of self-awareness and intuition, and can be absolutely honest with yourself about what you love and who you are. Finding himself unhappy and unfulfilled in his original career as a lawyer, Idan has since transitioned himself to training some of the best basketball players in the world along with actors and musicians. Known as ‘The Hoops Whisperer’, he has also become an author, an active investor, keynote speaker, entrepreneur and spokesperson for global brands. The story of his professional transformation is one that has been the subject of many lengthy features on a variety of platforms, and it is guaranteed to amaze and inspire you as you listen in here today.


The episode revolves around the story of Idan’s transition into training elite athletes, his unconventional methods, and the many factors that go into his success, particularly self-awareness and intuition. Along the way he shares some of the education in which he has engaged, how he ensures his recommendations are right for each individual athlete, the steps that others can take to follow in his footsteps, and some of his favorite resources. Throughout the conversation, Idan maintains that, despite his remarkable success, he is no more special than anyone else, that we all have the skills within us to share with others, and that he is forever grateful for finding the path his life was meant to take. Humble, articulate, and supremely passionate, there is no wonder that Idan has achieved the level of success he has, and even less wonder that he and Andres have bonded as both friends and business partners.


Episode Highlights:


·   Why Idan does what he does

·   His transformation to coaching

·   Idan’s combination of intuition, trust, faith, and experience

·   His perspective on what it takes to optimize your wellbeing and the presentation of material

·   Pursuing his Master’s and dealing with critics

·   Idan’s methodology and applying it in other areas

·   Speaking in your client’s ‘language’

·   The steps to follow to accomplish what Idan has

·   The gift of self-awareness

·   Idan’s meditation journey

·   His experience as an author

·   Developing intuition

·   Connecting with individuals

·   The learning that Idan engages in and some of his favorite books

·   Idan’s other passions

·   His experience with gratitude

·   The impact of the pandemic on his training

·   Pursuing your passion and the nature of entrepreneurship

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The Untethered Soul and The Surrender Experiment


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