Frank Llosa: Unlock the Power of Ketosis | Boost Performance and Longevity with Ketone Salts, Ketone Esters, and the KetoneAid Experience

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Frank Llosa: Unlock the Power of Ketosis | Boost Performance and Longevity with Ketone Salts, Ketone Esters, and the KetoneAid Experience

Many people associate ketones with weight loss, however, not many people know about their performance-boosting effects and their anti-inflammatory properties. Today we talk to Frank Llosa, CEO and founder of KetoneAid Inc., and self-educated expert on all-things ketone. We dive into the discussion with a history of how Frank ended up an innovator and field leader in a biological product when his career and formal education were in startups and finance. Tune in to hear about the products on offer from KetoneAid (KE4, K1,3, and KE1) and the science behind each of them. From breaking down the pioneering research on ketones by Dr. Richard Veech to discovering an alternative to ethanol-based alcohol, Frank walks us through the history of ketone research and the biochemistry involved. We hear why certain ketogenic products on the market are not actually ketogenic, and the ingredients you should avoid when choosing a supplement. Andrés provides some background physiology and his own inspiring experience of using KetoneAid's products. If this all sounds too good to be true, think again: Frank not only gives simple breakdowns of the science involved, he also advises on the limitations of his products, where you can read the literature, how to read the literature on ketones, and where you can find feedback from customers (both positive and negative!). We learn the importance of managing your expectations around KetoneAid products, and why ketones are better used for enhancing performance than simple weight loss.

Key Points From This Episode:

  • An introduction to Frank Llosa, and the topic of ketones and performance!
  • Why Frank does what he does, and how he discovered ketones. 
  • Making the ketone ester KE4 affordable and tasty, and what this involved. 
  • Translating science to everyday use, and how Frank started selling Dr. Veech’s product. 
  • The benefits and biochemistry of hard ketones (R1,3) compared to ethanol: a buzz with benefits. 
  • What endogenous and exogenous ketosis means, and how you can biohack your way to a fat-burning state. 
  • How ketone esters differ from ketone salts and the categories on the market within each one. 
  • The ingredients to avoid: S- or L-forms, salts, and caffeinated products.
  • What keto-flu is, and how to prevent it!
  • Debunking the common misconception of the ketogenic diet: Andrés’ breakdown of your physio. 
  • Why Frank doesn’t think anyone should use any products for weight loss. 
  • Why lowering sugar is half of the benefit, while raising the ketones is the other half of the benefit. 
  • The brain-energy gap: why a larger gap might mean the benefits of ketones is more noticeable. 
  • Using ketones to replace caffeine.

Links Mentioned in Today’s Episode:

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