Fix Your Glucose, Fix Your Life with Jessie Inchauspe, the Glucose Goddess

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Know Your Physio
Know Your Physio
Fix Your Glucose, Fix Your Life with Jessie Inchauspe, the Glucose Goddess

The ‘Glucose Goddess’ herself, Jessie Inchauspe, is the very special guest on today’s episode. Also known as ‘Sugarmama’, Jessie is on a very personal mission to teach everyone all about sugar. She is armed with: a Master’s in biochemistry from Georgetown University, her own glucose monitor, and a passion to help others. As she does on her Instagram page, Jessie shares her own health journey with listeners here today, rendering the science behind it all accessible, entertaining, and inspiring.


Jessie begins by describing what she means by citizen scientists, and then proceeds to help us all become them by explaining all things glucose, including glucose curves and monitors, healthy eating and lifestyle choices, understanding your body, as well as offering recommendations for maintaining stable blood glucose levels. She also explores carb intake/activity level matching, Type 2 Diabetes, the dangers of rapid weight loss, and her infamous graphs. Jessie concludes by detailing her goals for her work, the power of finding and doing what you love, and sharing some final pieces of advice. The remarkable level of passion, commitment, and wisdom shared in this fascinating conversation will entertain, educate, and most importantly, inspire you to undertake your own mission toward healthy living and doing ‘what makes your soul light up.’


Episode Highlights:


·   Citizen scientists

·   Making science accessible

·   Why Jessie does what she does

·   Glucose curves

·   Glucose monitors

·   The barriers to healthy eating

·   HealthSnap

·   The importance of understanding your blood glucose and what’s going on inside your body

·   Some fundamentals to healthy diets

·   Recommendations for maintaining a stable blood glucose level

·   Healthy lifestyle choices

·   A carb intake/activity level matching and Type 2 Diabetes analogy

·   The dangers of rapid weight loss

·   Jessie’s graphs

·   Her goals for her work

·   Finding and doing ‘what makes your soul light up’

·   Jessie’s final thoughts

Show Links:

Carbohydrate sensing in the human mouth: effects on exercise performance and brain activity


The Golden Circle TED Talk


Glucose Goddess



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