Dr. Jay Wiles: The Physiology of Interoception and HRV Subjectivity | Understanding the Mind-Body Connection and HRV Subjectivity

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Dr. Jay Wiles: The Physiology of Interoception and HRV Subjectivity | Understanding the Mind-Body Connection and HRV Subjectivity

A common myth about heart rate variability (HRV) is that the greater it is, the healthier you are… Breaking down why this is not the case, is Dr. Jay Wiles, an expert in applied psychophysiology and heart rate variability, and founder of Hanu Health. We start the episode with a discussion around how Jay and Andrés have become more comfortable over time with podcasting, and why they track their HRV and HR to gain insight into how different experiences affect their health. Tune in to learn what the Hawthorne effect is, how to overcome it, and why you should trust your body over the information provided by biometric data readers. We also find out what interoception is, how Jay uses it as a party trick, and where Andrés feels he is most in tune with it! Jay reveals some exciting prospects regarding the launch of the Hanu wearables, where (and why) you should pre-order one, and what you will gain when you join the Hanu Health community. For a breakdown of the physiology underlying HRV, the links between muscle tension, HRV and respiratory sinus arrhythmia, and so much more, join us today! 

Key Points From This Episode:

  • How Andrés and Jay have become more comfortable during podcasts and tracking HR and HRV through different behaviors.
  • What the Hawthorne effect is, and how Jay coaches people through it. 
  • When you should listen to the biometric data, and when you should listen to your body. 
  • How to approach interoception, what it is, and why Jay founded Hanu Health. 
  • Andrés' extreme example of interoception when freediving and spearfishing. 
  • How you can find out your normative HRV range, and the common myths around HRV. 
  • The classic symptoms of high HRV. 
  • Some of the differences between men and women in muscle tension, and how this impacts HRV. 
  • The link between emotional distress and muscular tension. 
  • Jay’s theory on how ketones might increase HRV.
  • Respiratory sinus arrhythmia: what it is, and how it influences HRV.
  • The products Jay and Andrés use to help their mental acuity from nicotine to KE4. 
  • How long it will take you to establish your HRV baseline. 
  • When to wear your Hanu device, and what makes it unique as a wearable. 
  • What to expect from the launch of Hanu wearables, and why it’s such a bargain to pre-order!
  • How long you should use the Hanu device before your interoception reaches a level that renders the device non-essential. 
  • The library of data you will gain access to when you join Hanu. 
  • Bringing the metaverse into health and biohacking.

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