Dr. Jay Khorsandi: Master the Science of Sleep | Uncover Sleep Physiology and Unlock Optimization Strategies for Restorative Rest

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Dr. Jay Khorsandi: Master the Science of Sleep | Uncover Sleep Physiology and Unlock Optimization Strategies for Restorative Rest

Who would have thought that the structure of your mouth impacts the quality of your sleep? On today’s show, we have the pleasure of talking to Dr. Jay Khorsandi, dentist turned sleep optimizer, about one of the most fundamental (and for some, the most frustrating) parts of our existence. Jay is the co-founder of Snore Experts and the host of the Best Night Ever podcast, and has adopted an integrated approach to improving the quality of sleep of his patients which focuses on preventative and non-invasive interventions. In this conversation, we cover almost everything you can think of that relates to sleep, including open mouth breathing, blue light, naps, dreams, sex and EMF. Among other things, you will learn about the importance of cooling down your body temperature before bed, why sleep quality deteriorates as we age, and the benefits of eating an early dinner. 

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Jay explains what inspired him to transition from dentistry to sleep optimization. 
  • What you can ascertain about someone's health by looking into their mouth. 
  • Why we should sleep with our mouths closed, and what happens to the structure of our mouths if we don’t. 
  • How the structure of our mouths impacts our ability to breathe.
  • Breathing strategies which help people fall asleep.
  • MAP; Jay’s acronym for the three main components of sleep.
  • Reasons that sleep quality deteriorates as we get older or heavier.
  • Techniques that Jay uses to improve his clients’ sleep. 
  • Jay’s personal experience with destructive orthodontics. 
  • Segmentation in healthcare, and why this is problematic. 
  • What biohacking involves.
  • How Jay defines good quality sleep.
  • Advancements in the field of sleep over the years.
  • Jay explains why eating dinner further away from your bed time improves your sleep.
  • Properties of melatonin that you may not be aware of. 
  • How our daily lives impact our sleep, and the importance of keeping track of how our bodies respond to certain elements.
  • The two major regulators of sleep.
  • Easy hacks for cooling down your body temperature before going to bed.
  • Why Jay sleeps with socks on.
  • Problems with using electronic devices before going to sleep.
  • Jay’s opinion on blue light blockers. 
  • Potential negative impacts of non-native EMFs on sleep. 
  • A brief discussion about grounding mats.
  • Supplements that can help with sleep.
  • How sex can impact sleep.
  • Tricks to ensure that your daytime naps don’t negatively affect your nighttime sleep.
  • Minimum data that you need in order to be able to hack your sleep.
  • How Jay structures his day. 

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