Dr. David Rabin MD, PhD: Unleash Your Full Potential | Master Stress Management, HRV, and Self-Actualization

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Dr. David Rabin MD, PhD: Unleash Your Full Potential | Master Stress Management, HRV, and Self-Actualization

Today on Know Your Physio we are talking about the revolutionary stress management tool, Apollo, with one of its creators, Dr. David Rabin. Our guest is a board-certified psychiatrist and neuroscientist who specializes in the treatment of chronic stress, and he is here to tell us all about the groundbreaking device providing a safe, non-invasive way to manage stress on the spot and assist us on our paths to self-actualization! We find out how it works to elicit calm by using soundwaves felt through the skin, and Dr. Rabin explains why touch therapy is so effective. We discover the profound benefits of using the Apollo device, how it affects one’s HRV and decision-making ability, optimizes health, and its use in treating PTSD sufferers. Tune in to hear more about this impactful invention that’s putting people in control of their own healing, confidence, and safety!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • How Andrés’ Apollo device has benefited him.
  • Dr. David Rabin’s public speaking journey and how Apollo has aided him.
  • How touch therapy can improve one’s ability to achieve a relaxed state.
  • The intention behind the invention of Apollo.
  • Why touch therapy is so effective.
  • What the Apollo looks like, how it’s worn, and what it does.
  • The versatility of the device and the various physiological states it can elicit.
  • André’s findings from his personal experiment with Apollo.
  • How Apollo was created and came to be a consumer product.
  • What HRV is and how it’s affected by stress.
  • How measuring HRV allows for health optimization.
  • Reframing health and self-actualization.
  • How our decision-making ability is affected by a real or perceived threat.
  • How the profound intention and impact of the creation of Apollo have affected Dr. Rabin’s life.
  • How to gauge your ability to manage stress according to the effectiveness of the Apollo.
  • How soothing touch affects the brain from a physiological perspective.
  • The effects of the Apollo on people with acute stress, illness, or PTSD.
  • How Dr. Rabin’s research in the realm of psychedelics impacted the creation of the Apollo.
  • How the Apollo can be used to assist psychedelic experiences in therapy.

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