Cata Rozo: Functional Nutrition: Gut Health, Healing, and Hormones | How to Improve Your Health through Functional Nutrition

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Cata Rozo: Functional Nutrition: Gut Health, Healing, and Hormones | How to Improve Your Health through Functional Nutrition

One of the major benefits of a functional approach to health and wellness is that it allows us to treat systemic issues from the root cause, rather than with interventions that have side effects. Talking to us today about how she became a functional nutritionist, and why she is so passionate about the field, is Cata Rozo. From her personal battles with gut health and how it impacted her hormones and liver, Cata describes her journey, and why it's her mission to help others. We learn about the link between gut health and hormones, and whether you should be considering a functional approach or a conventional approach to your health. Tune in to hear about the types of tests Cata uses to assess her patients, and the techniques she uses to improve interoception. We find out why Cata is so passionate about empowering women to find alternatives to the oral contraceptive as a therapy, and what you can do to improve your perceptions of your health. Andrés describes how he learned the importance of eating when in a parasympathetic state, while Cata explains how food sensitivities are developed, and how exclusion and reintroduction diets work. For all this, and so much more, press “Play” now!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Welcome to functional nutritionist Cata Rozo, and why she does what she does. 
  • Why Cata supports getting a second opinion, and doing your own research. 
  • When to choose functional medicine over conventional medicine. 
  • A reminder that feeling good is how we are meant to feel!
  • How unlocking physical health contributes to emotional wellbeing. 
  • The relationship between gut health and hormones. 
  • How Cata assesses her client’s gut health, and why being able to digest food is more important than what we eat. 
  • The decision-making fatigue Andrés sees in health and wellness. 
  • Cata’s specific area of interest: empowering young women to make their own decisions when considering the oral contraceptive as a treatment for health conditions. 
  • Cata’s tips on improving your interoception: meditation, yoga, and writing. 
  • The idea of using yoga as a preventative approach to chronic conditions. 
  • Addressing your thoughts on your physical state: connecting your thoughts to your health. 
  • The tests Cata recommends to get to know your physical health. 
  • Balancing food sensitivities with required dietary nutrients. 
  • Why we develop food sensitivities.
  • Why Cata prefers lab-based food sensitivity tests over home kits. 
  • How to best prepare for a food sensitivity test!
  • Why we should only be eating when in a parasympathetic state.
  • Andrés’ experience of praying before eating and how it helped him appreciate the power of the parasympathetic state. 
  • The science that Cata is most excited about right now: eating more fermented food, watching the order you eat different food groups in, and organ meats and bone broth. 
  • Why you can eat too much fermented food, and how to prepare your body for it. 
  • A wrap of today’s episode and why Cata is so excited about the holistic approach to functional nutrition. 
  • When Cata’s knowledge works against her!

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