Bryan Mirabella – Laying the Foundation for a Healthy Life with the Breath

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Know Your Physio
Know Your Physio
Bryan Mirabella - Laying the Foundation for a Healthy Life with the Breath

One of the most fundamental layers of health and wellness is our breathing pattern. On the show today to speak about his work and research into the power of the breath and the amazing influence it can have on our lives is Bryan Mirabella. Bryan is the mind and body behind Quantum Fitness, and we get to access a whole lot of his wisdom and insight on the subjects of the breath and our physiology, with some extended focus on diet, sleep, medicine, and training. Bryan even talks about why he believes that humans are capable of living forever through the implementation of the right practices! For Bryan, we have been socialized and conditioned into an unnatural relationship with air and food, and he explains the transitional states that are necessary to correct this and his choice to live as a fruitarian. We also get to discuss simple steps for better breathing and sleep, why we are failing the next generation, and what the world might look like with more enlightened communities. Join us to hear it all!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Bryan talks about how he was introduced to the power and influence of the breath. [06:03]
  • Reasons that the breath is overlooked in training. [09:29]
  • The components of breathing that enable better sleep. [11:42]
  • Bryan unpacks the significance of sleep. [15:35]
  • Examining the modern conceptions of health and focus. [20:16]
  • Getting to grips with infinite possibilities and Bryan’s vocabulary; BOLT scores, functional breathing, baselines, and more. [25:03]
  • Understanding the terms ‘breatharian’ and ‘fruitarian’. [31:28]
  • Accessible steps around nutrition to begin the journey. [35:09]
  • A little about Ascended Health and why Bryan backs the company. [44:19]
  • Bryan talks about some of the myths of diet and body fat! [48:41]
  • Advice about strength and fitness training from Bryan. [57:49]
  • Issues with our failures to teach young athletes how to breathe. [1:05:50]
  • Closing thoughts from Bryan on the importance of our breath. [1:07:47]
  • A quick walkthrough of the nose-unblocking technique! [1:11:30]

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