Boomer Anderson: Elevate Your Potential | Master Nootropics, Work-Life Integration, and Health Optimization for Peak Performance

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Boomer Anderson: Elevate Your Potential | Master Nootropics, Work-Life Integration, and Health Optimization for Peak Performance

Today’s guest on the Know Your Physio podcast, is Boomer Anderson: a man whose passion sits at the intersection of business and health optimization. He is a health optimization practitioner, the deputy chief and executive officer at Smarter Not Harder, Inc. (parent company of Troscriptions), founder and podcast host of Decoding Superhuman, and strategic advisor for Welldium. In today’s episode, Boomer guides us through the world of nootropics and health optimization, redefining nootropics and sharing thorough breakdowns of specific products offered by Troscriptions. We discuss the free fundamentals to look at before even considering supplementation, the importance of sleep and circadian economics, as well as the benefits of self-quantification. Tune in to learn more about work-life integration, and how to sustainably optimize your health and productivity!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Troscriptions products: certification, manufacturing process, purpose and how to take them.  
  • Just Blue troche: The history of methylene blue as a compound, how its nootropic effect of was discovered, how it works in the body, its healing abilities and usages.
  • The importance of ensuring pharmaceutical grade, purity tested ingredients in nootropics. 
  • Blue Cannatine: How and why it was developed, and how long its effect lasts.
  • Use of nicotine in Blue Cannatine: its structure, reason for inclusion, and effect.
  • Caffeine as a nootropic and the effect of CBD on nicotine.
  • Who should consider nootropic supplementation, and what hinders cell performance.
  • Metabolomics and the importance of knowing your physiology.
  • Free fundamentals: the role that lifestyle plays in proper cell biology, and the steps to take before taking a nootropic, to ensure it works at its optimum capacity. 
  • How Boomer got involved in the space of nootropics and health optimization.
  • Advice for young people: finding balance between high performance and recovery. 
  • Circadian economics and the importance of sleep.
  • Andrés dissects his own background with smart drugs.
  • Taking your health into your own hands: encouragement, advice and the benefits of self-quantification.
  • Getting to grips with mental health and psychedelics. 
  • Trocalm: use and ingredient breakdown.

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