Augusto (Tuto) Marolla: Embrace the Quantum Leap | Radical Lifestyle Shifts, Escaping the Corporate World, and the Power of Quantum Entanglement

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Augusto (Tuto) Marolla: Embrace the Quantum Leap | Radical Lifestyle Shifts, Escaping the Corporate World, and the Power of Quantum Entanglement

There are countless quotes from inspirational people demonstrating that becoming an overnight success seldom happens overnight. This was no different for today's guest, high-performance coach, and biohacking expert, Augusto (Tuto) Marolla. Tuto embarked on a radical lifestyle change that to the outside eye, took just three months to implement. However, this shift was eight years in the making as he consistently experienced an engagement crisis over his 16-year corporate career. Join us today to find out about the catalyst for this life-changing shift, and the coaches he used to reach his potential. We dive into Tuto’s corporate experience and how he identified the misalignment between his values and what he was being asked to do in his professional life. We discuss how you can adjust your thinking around goals and success to benefit from the hedonic adaptation, and how you can escape the conditioning we are all subject to in today’s society. We hear personal anecdotes from Andrés about his latest dream and what he learned from it, and how both Andrés and Tuto worked in the dark to achieve success in the light. From Pavlov’s dog, to what Quantum entanglement is and how it affects your view of the outside world, you don’t want to miss this enlightening episode!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Welcome to Tuto Marolla, high-performance coach and biohacking expert, and what he’s been doing for the last 10 years.
  • Making a radical lifestyle shift: spending your time doing something you love, or with the ones you love. 
  • The three coaches Tuto used to work on himself to reach his potential: a spiritual-mindset coach, an executive coach, and a health coach. 
  • Why you need to work with someone to learn to become an entrepreneur: making the change due to excitement and not fear. 
  • The frustration of misalignment: being limited by your context and your colleagues. 
  • Andrés’ dream about looking where no one else is looking; within.
  • Why "and", not "but" is important to our fulfillment, and how to adjust your goals to benefit from the hedonic adaptation. 
  • Where you get your energy from in a corporate job versus where you get it from when doing something you love. 
  • Three elements that impact flow state: focus, autonomy, and mastery (and how they are limited in a corporate environment).
  • How sharing your passion is inevitable, and why you need to be selective of who you share it with. 
  • Why we have to be more grounded in our expectations and realize that the path to success is not linear. 
  • The skills and values that Tuto brought from his previous career into his current work environment: multicultural interpersonal skills and knowing his deepest values.
  • Two examples of when Tuto’s corporate experiences challenged his values: his integrity in firing an employee and limiting his risk-taking to accommodate his boss. 
  • The importance of positive reframing in personal growth. 
  • Why it’s difficult to learn to reflect and connect to your inner or higher self. 
  • How we are conditioned to simply accept, rather than to internalize and question. 
  • Final thoughts from Tuto: trusting yourself and the universe when in a space of high uncertainty. 

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