Angelo Keely: Essential Amino Acids: Everything you Need to Know | The Importance of Amino Acids and How to Optimize Your Intake

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Angelo Keely: Essential Amino Acids: Everything you Need to Know | The Importance of Amino Acids and How to Optimize Your Intake

You’ve probably already seen the words ‘essential amino acids’ on the label of your favorite sports nutrition drink or protein supplement powder, but they actually play a much larger role in your body than simply boosting your athletic performance. So, what are amino acids and why do you need them? To help us take a deep dive into amino acids today, we’re joined by Angelo Keely, Founder and CEO of Kion, a premium blend of leucine-rich essential amino acids that fuel not only your daily workouts, but spontaneous adventures and a joyful, active lifestyle too! Listening in, you’ll learn what turned Angelo on to the importance of essential amino acids and the key role they play in muscle protein stimulation, ATP production, kidney function, mental and physical energy, weight loss, longevity, and so much more. As you’ll come to understand from this episode, looking good, feeling good, being fit, and living a longer life all start with essential amino acids. Get started on your journey to better health today by tuning into this informative conversation with “Amino Keely,” as the team at Kion lovingly refer to him!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • A look at Angelo’s why, which involves a combination of environment and fate. [03:50]
  • How everyone can benefit from remaining open to new perspectives. [10:03]
  • Angelo shares a high-level overview of essential amino acids. [13:17]
  • Debunking some of the myths about protein consumption. [18:52]
  • Why essential amino acids are so important for your muscles. [21:38]
  • Essential amino acids and kidney disease: what you need to know. [23:24]
  • An understanding of how amino acids help with fatigue. [25:07]
  • Why taking amino acids supplements will make you feel better. [28:25]
  • Andres’ personal experience with amino acids and how they have helped. [29:37]
  • The physical and mental energy you can gain from taking amino acids supplements. [31:13]
  • How amino acids can support your intermittent fasting goals. [34:43]
  • Some of the ways that amino acids promote longevity. [36:00]
  • Why weight loss is more sustainable when supplementing with amino acids. [38:24]
  • Collagen supplements for improving your skin, hair, and joints. [42:40]
  • What you’d need to include in your diet for optimal amino acids intake. [46:28]
  • When you shouldn’t be taking amino acids supplements like BCAAs. [52:20]

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