My fascination with applied neuroscience was born out of necessity before it became part of the zeal I am known for across the globe. I realized how tangible neuroscience was in my daily life around the same time my neural networks were preparing to head off to college. Like neurons in the brain, I too enjoy making connections– so I participated in the Neuroscience Summer Scholars Program at the University of Miami. With unlimited access to the gym, whole food, and social life, I found the freedom to explore my brain’s neuroplasticity. As these became the habits that animated my life, I decided to take them further at UM and fully immersed myself in the substance that helped my brain flourish independently. Now I intend to master the mechanisms that started it all to help others discover the science that brings their genius to life.

Growing up in a bilingual household, my brain was constantly stimulated by the need to communicate in different languages. As I learned more about neuroscience, I became increasingly fascinated by the connection between language and brain function until I felt compelled to speak for myself. I had spent the past ten years taking my daily dose of Adderall XR, and with standardized exams around the corner, I decided it was time to put everything on the line so I could finally express who I was and what I was capable of. As the artificial stimulus ceased fire and my mind fell into deep introspection, I began to appreciate that the most transformative lessons should not remain within the stale pages of a textbook or the black-and-white language on PubMed. Finally, the clear message was that I had no choice but to explore my brain’s newfound yet innate ability with the help of applied science.

As my long-term Adderall use ended, I began to feel the buoyancy of my mind, body, and spirit electrify me from the base of my cauda equina to the roof of my cranium. Dependency on extrinsic motivation had deprived me of all the ingredients necessary for truly remarkable personal and professional growth— I was restless, anxious, and skeletal. Worst of all, I had been taught I couldn’t count on myself to make ends meet. After several years exploring exercise physiology, psychology, and nutrition to revive my brain with the essentials, my myelin sheath began to thicken, my confidence grew, and my most tremendous accomplishments began firing like neurotransmitters across a synapse in an abundance of sodium. I had escaped competition through authenticity.

The point is neuroscience is practical, attainable, and influential – all mission-critical parts of the story I share worldwide. I’ve dedicated my life to helping others engage in the depths of their body and break free from their self-limiting thoughts and behaviors through knowledge and lifestyle. Studying neuroscience is a return to my roots; it is a chance to reconnect and understand at the most intimate level the science that makes me, me. 

I am seeking an opportunity to build on my strong foundation in physiology and passion for the brain through the University of Florida’s Online Masters in Biomedical Neuroscience. This path will help me strive to fulfill my mission and purpose, and I am confident my knowledge, enthusiasm, and dedication will be an invaluable asset to your program. I look forward to exploring, elevating, and expanding the applied science that brings our genius to life.


Thank you,

Andrés Preschel


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