The Rolling Sloan: We Moved to Uruguay! | Our Experience Moving to Uruguay and How It Changed Our Lives

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The Rolling Sloan: We Moved to Uruguay! | Our Experience Moving to Uruguay and How It Changed Our Lives

We have exciting news: Parker and Andrés have made a big move to Uruguay! This episode serves as a way to reflect on this moment of transition, fill you in on what inspired this decision, and share their first impressions of their new life in South America! For Andrés, who grew up in South America, albeit on the other side of the continent, there is a certain amount of familiarity, but as a couple and as adults, this is a completely new season with fresh inspiration and challenges around each corner. Tuning in, you’ll hear about simplifying routines, the benefits of following your passions over profit, and how the universe rewards your brave choices, as well as the growth that occurs out of discomfort. Parker goes into some of the reasons she is so excited about a quieter life outside of the States, and shares some of her thoughts on the role of curiosity and courage in the winding journey of her life. We also discuss escaping the limitations of external pressures and expectations that are such a common experience to many of us, so to catch it all in this landmark episode, be sure to listen in today!

Key Points From This Episode: 

  • How we came to Uruguay; the possibilities afforded to us as online wellness coaches. [04:41]
  • Adapting to a new home, moving in together, and first impressions of South America. [07:38]
  • The familiarity that Andrés feels about certain elements of Uruguay. [10:58]
  • Different ideas about patience, service, and interacting with strangers. [15:35]
  • The welcoming Uruguayan attitudes towards foreign visitors. [19:43]
  • Reflections on growing up in Miami and time spent in New York City. [20:56]
  • The naturally healthy lifestyles that are normal outside of many big cities. [24:37]
  • Taking the healthy steps available and affordable to you; it all makes a difference! [27:58]
  • The power of engaging with a local environment and its constituents. [31:47]
  • Local ingredients, exciting times at the grocery store, and the value of intuitively connecting to a new place through your diet. [35:59]
  • Exploring beach towns, the fishing culture, and the amazing fresh fish in Uruguay! [40:06]
  • Wine, spices, and honey; more promising local products. [45:45]
  • The Spanish conversation that Parker had at a local market recently. [47:49]
  • Stepping out of your comfort zone; why Parker believes in broadening horizons. [49:55]
  • The resistance that many of us meet when we go into unknown territories. [54:29]
  • Links between authenticity and real longevity of ideas and communities. [58:44]

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