R Blank: EMF and Making Technology Safer | How to Protect Yourself from EMF Exposure and Make Technology Safer

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R Blank: EMF and Making Technology Safer | How to Protect Yourself from EMF Exposure and Make Technology Safer

The rise of technology in recent decades has ushered in a new way of life, one heavily reliant on devices to meet our needs, such as phones and laptops. There has been growing interest from both the scientific and public domains about the risk of exposure to Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) from the technology people use. Studies have shown that exposure to EMF can cause an increased risk of health problems. Is there a safer way to use the products that we rely on? Here to help us answer that question is R Blank, entrepreneur, technologist, and CEO of Shield Your Body, a company that creates innovative and affordable products to reduce exposure to wireless radiation. R is also co-author of the book Overpowered, the host of The Healthier Tech Podcast, and has written many articles on the subject of EMF. His work follows from a 20-year career in software development for some of the biggest companies in the world and now focuses on helping people mitigate the dangers and effects of EMF by making technology safer for us to use and enjoy. In this episode, R unpacks EMF, explains how it affects health, and tells us how Shield Your Body is making technology safer. We learn about the different types of EMF, the underlying biological implications of chronic exposure, and the different sources of EMF. We also hear a brief history of the studies on EMF, common misconceptions about EMF, what you can do to protect yourself from EMF, and much more. Tune in to discover the dangers of EMF and what you can do to reduce exposure, with expert R Blank!

Key Points From This Episode: 

  • We start the show with R sharing his recent experience of being on Dr. Phil. [06:07]
  • Whether he was aware of Dr. Phil’s opinion on the effects of EMF before recording. [09:43]
  • He tells us what his purpose was for appearing on the show. [11:18]
  • R’s background and what motivates his work on EMF. [13:48]
  • How long ago the first EMF study was conducted. [16:42]
  • Outline of the biological effects and health implications of EMF based on past studies. [19:57]
  • The effects of long-term exposure to low-frequency EMF. [25:32]
  • What people can do to protect themselves and reduce exposure to EMF. [27:21]
  • Andrés shares some simple measures he took to reduce exposure to EMF. [49:39]
  • Situations where grounding may not be beneficial. [1:00:38]
  • Whether heat emitted from a device is evidence of EMF radiation. [1:13:06]
  • R shares his opinion on EMF-blocking underwear. [1:14:21]
  • How effective EMF protection apparel is at reducing exposure and accumulation. [1:15:29]
  • What the awareness of EMF and the associated health risks will be like in the future. [1:25:04]

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