Q&A Episode ft. Alex Shinkarovsky

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Know Your Physio
Q&A Episode ft. Alex Shinkarovsky

For this episode, we have Andrés in the hot seat answering questions from the KYP community. He’s joined by health coach Alex Shinkarovsky to delve into a range of topics, from personal to silly to scientific. We hear Andrés’ take on everything from sleeping on the floor and the best way to train, to mentorship, motivating others, and getting into Goggins mode. Andrés shares his greatest accomplishment and best fitness experiences of his life thus far and emphasizes the power of play and storytelling. This Q&A contains advice for approaching high-profile people and debunks some common bio hack myths from eyewear, hair growth, and oral health, to cold exposure, saunas, workout intensity, and sun exposure. Tune in to Andrés’ opinions on all things health and fitness, as well as his most significant takeaways from past podcast episodes!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • The benefits of BioOptimizers Magnesium Breakthrough. [00:05]
  • Andrés take on sleeping on the floor. [03:38]
  • What he took away from the recent podcast episode on sex with Chloe Macintosh. [05:15]
  • Andrés’ plans to incorporate more conversations about emotional well-being and relationships. [11:28]
  • The best way to train, according to Andrés. [14:01]
  • The power of the “why”. [16:28]
  • How Andrés introduces play into the lives of his coaching clients who struggle with obesity. [17:27]
  • How play and storytelling have helped him in his life. [22:07]
  • Andrés’ best fitness experiences of his life thus far. [25:48]
  • How to get into Goggins mode. [29:37]
  • The difference mentorship made in Andrés’ life. [39:35]
  • Andrés’ advice for approaching high-profile people. [43:38]
  • What he perceives to be his greatest accomplishment. [48:44]
  • The presence of his family in his life and how he’s promoted his grandfather’s health. [50:38]
  • The difference between lifespan and health span. [53:14]
  • How to encourage motivation in others, particularly those in your inner circle. [54:37]
  • Andrés’ controversial take on seed oils. [1:02:43]
  • Why he shifted to wearing only cotton. [1:10:28]
  • Andrés and Alex debunk biohack myths from eyewear, hair growth, and oral health, to cold exposure, saunas, workout intensity, and sun exposure. [1:16:27]
  • The premise of Alex Shinkarovsky’s upcoming podcast. [1:33:30]

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