Nick Becskehazy: Unraveling the Mysteries | When Science Meets Spirituality for a Deeper Understanding

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Know Your Physio
Know Your Physio
Nick Becskehazy: Unraveling the Mysteries | When Science Meets Spirituality for a Deeper Understanding

For thousands of years, humans have been meditating and taking psychedelics to try and move to a higher vibration. With the advent of modern science, a lot of these experiences have been discounted, to the detriment of our wellbeing. Talking to us today about why thousands of years of reproducible results count as science, and why we need to believe in a little bit of magic, is yoga instructor and leader, Nick Becskehazy. We dive into the discussion with a history of why Nick was born to be a leader, and how being a leader is an experience and not merely a role. We hear how to identify if there’s a misalignment between your body and your spirit, and why psychedelics and exercise can help fix this. Nick and Andrés also break down why pure science is not enough, and how to embrace the gross energy of the universe so that awareness pours through us. Tune in to learn why modern solutions distort our ability to channel energy, preventing us from advancing, and how you can purify your chakras using exercise, yoga, and psychedelics. We also learn about the importance of creating space within, and the impermanent role our genetics plays in our life. For all this, and so much more, join us today. 

Key Points From This Episode:

  • The type of leadership role Nick embodies, and why he was born to it. 
  • What Nick aims to help people achieve: coming back to your pure self. 
  • How to figure out when there’s a misalignment between your body and your spirit. 
  • Where the psychedelic movement is taking people, and returning to it through meditation. 
  • How to judge when you’re ready to embark on the psychedelic journey. 
  • Why we need to start studying energy, and why science isn’t everything. 
  • The importance of disclaimers in science, and why it doesn’t understand magic.
  • Why Nick feels that people have trouble accepting the unknown: only exploring the tangible. 
  • Andrés’ experience moving from science to the spiritual world using yoga. 
  • Nick’s idea that science is too cerebral, and why we should relax and let gross energy pour through us.
  • The awareness Andrés achieved through psychedelics, sports, and yoga. 
  • How we can purify our energy channels and clear our distortions using exercise. 
  • Why modern solutions distort our ability to channel energy and advance as people. 
  • Nick’s experience with Ayahuasca, and how it cleared his distortions. 
  • Serving yourself to better yourself, by knowing yourself. 
  • How being discontent negatively affects your vibration, and cultivating the highest vibration you can to live a good life. 
  • Setting your intention: gaining insight into your life by trying new things. 
  • The benefits of curiosity, and why Andrés feels it’s crucial to identify what you don’t like. 
  • Achieving your peak physical state through energy and overcoming your genetics. 
  • What to expect from part two! or conversation! 

Links Mentioned in Today’s Episode:


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Autobiography of a Yogi (Self-Realization Fellowship)

Dr. Joe Dispenza

Andrés Preschel

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