Luis Palomeras: Unlock the Power of Recovery | Master Self-Reflection, Biofeedback, and Plant Medicine for Optimal Healing

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Know Your Physio
Know Your Physio
Luis Palomeras: Unlock the Power of Recovery | Master Self-Reflection, Biofeedback, and Plant Medicine for Optimal Healing

We have a really unique and special episode for you today: we're sitting down with entrepreneur, health coach, mental health advocate, and athlete, Luis Palomeras! Not your average triathlete, he has a weightlifting and bodybuilding background and is now an endurance athlete, and he joins us today to detail the fascinating journey that led him to not only physical optimization but spiritual and mental mastery too. In this powerful conversation, we highlight how his recovery process was something he originally approached to improve his athleticism and sleep cycle and turned out to be the ultimate way to support his mental health, after a divorce and several difficult mental health episodes left him yearning for answers. We cover some epiphanies he had through plant medicine ceremonies, how mastering recovery needs to come first in order to maximize performance (and not the other way around), and ways to engage curiosity and non-judgment to support the synergy of the 4 pillars of mind, body, spirit, and energy. Jam-packed with tools and hard-won insights into the ways that we navigate our inner and outer landscape when it comes to performance, Luis answers all our questions with frankness, expertise, and a healthy dose of joy. This is one conversation you don't want to miss, so whether you're looking for physical optimization or mental development, we hope you join us to hear from today’s truly inspiring guest!


Key Points From This Episode: 

  • Luis kicks us off with a video introduction of himself and his pursuit of authenticity.
  • Mental health; his most important lesson in training and recovery building up to Ironman.
  • How his nervous system used to be sitting in fight or flight at any moment of the day. 
  • That you can become too attached to biometric analysis tools.
  • How his pursuit of a good night's sleep became an obsession with finding internal peace. 
  • Hear about some epiphanies he had through plant medicine ceremonies.
  • How his Ayahuasca experience created a deep understanding of inter-generational violence. 
  • Addressing the reactive and stressed parts of ourselves to function optimally in all areas. 
  • How the integration of his insights affected his understanding of anaerobic and aerobic activity.
  • The importance of a neurotransmitter perspective on the exercise that you choose.
  • Using breathwork and nasal breathing to regulate and understand your body. 
  • That your mental health and performance can work together during a race or competition.
  • Luis talks us through his healing journey timeline, from fasting to journaling.
  • How Luis' skepticism changed following a ceremony of burning his old journals. 
  • Defining an open heart, accepting how you feel, and embracing your nerves and doubts.
  • Chatting about stoicism and how the pursuit of morality is the pathway to hell.
  • Hear about the supplements, tools, and nutrition that he uses.
  • Luis's next steps, and some motivational closing advice.


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