Lucas Aoun: Cracking the TESTOSTERONE CODE | Unlocking the Secrets to Optimal Testosterone Levels

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Know Your Physio
Know Your Physio
Lucas Aoun: Cracking the TESTOSTERONE CODE | Unlocking the Secrets to Optimal Testosterone Levels

When you hear the word ‘testosterone’, the first thing that comes to mind is probably male libido. But this largely misunderstood hormone also promotes increased healing, motivation, memory, and even bone mineral density in both men and women! Here to educate us and dispel some common misconceptions about testosterone is Lucas Aoun, a naturopath, entrepreneur, leader in the optimal health space, founder of Ergogenic Health, and host of the Boost Your Biology Podcast. Lucas’ mission is to empower millions of people with the tools and information they need to achieve optimal health, and on today’s show, he reveals how to optimize your testosterone to improve your quality of life, performance, and drive for success. Join us as we discuss proven natural strategies for maintaining high levels of testosterone, the effectiveness of herbal supplements like tongkat ali, fadogia agrestis, and shilajit, and what it actually feels like when your testosterone is optimized. We also touch on why you should be icing your balls, whether or not you should be eating testicles, and a whole lot more, so don’t miss this fascinating conversation with leading Australian biohacker and testosterone guru, Lucas Aoun! 

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Insight into Lucas’ journey and his early fascination with human performance. [04:40]
  • What led him to share his message in the hopes of helping millions of people. [06:45]
  • Defining what testosterone is and the important functions it performs. [09:41]
  • Ways that you can maintain high levels of testosterone naturally. [11:37]
  • Promoting endogenous testosterone production using herbs and enzymes. [12:47]
  • Correlations between testosterone, dopamine production, and motivation. [16:00]
  • The value of taking a more evolutionary approach to fitness. [16:55]
  • Why testosterone is equally as important for women! [18:10]
  • Supplementation advice: focus on how it makes you feel. [21:15]
  • How it feels when your testosterone is optimized (and the supplements that work). [22:02]
  • Pheromones, body odor, and sexual attractiveness. [26:05]
  • Lifestyle changes versus supplements: tips for addressing the foundation first! [29:04]
  • Symptoms and causes of a varicocele in your testes and the impact it can have. [33:38]
  • Which foods are beneficial for improving testosterone (including testicles!) [35:38]
  • A definition of “free” testosterone and what it does. [38:26]
  • The voice-deepening and other benefits of icing, deer antler, shilajit, and more. [43:28]
  • Types of exercise you should be doing to optimize your testosterone. [47:34]
  • How much supplementation is too much. [52:40]
  • Why Lucas views the decline in testosterone as “the real mandemic.” [54:39]

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