Joshua Holland: Supercharge Your Mornings | Master Habit Formation and Positively Impact Your Loved Ones

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Joshua Holland: Supercharge Your Mornings | Master Habit Formation and Positively Impact Your Loved Ones

Welcome back to part two of the awareness shift discussion with high performance and health optimization coach, Joshua Holland. We launch right in with some great tips to biohack your mornings, from inversion and manually grinding coffee beans to the products that Andrés and Josh use. We discuss the steps towards forming a habit, and how positive self-talk can impact your perceptions around starting on the path to achieving a goal. The Awareness Shift centers on five pillars of quality, but without a baseline (which you can’t achieve without awareness), you have no idea how you are improving. To highlight the importance of awareness in achieving goals, Josh gives us his definition of what it means, and an example of how it can be used to help someone achieve the “simple” goal of losing weight. Andrés describes the SMART acronym, and we hear how this links to Josh’s method of coaching. We also take a deep dive into spirituality, how Josh perceives people as energy beings, and why this is key to awareness of those around you. Tune in to hear personal stories from both Josh and Andrés about their relationships with their fathers, and the struggle of making a loved one aware of what their poor health choices are doing to them. We wrap up this inspiring, emotional journey across two episodes with how you can change the narrative with your loved ones. You don't want to miss this special episode. 

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Welcome back to Joshua Holland for part two of the awareness shift discussion. 
  • The cognitive enhancement stacks Josh is using right now: Blue-Cannatine. 
  • How Josh starts a new habit, and his advice on the baby steps to take.
  • Why positive self-talk is key in making a habit and the benefits of movement. 
  • The products Andrés and Josh use, from KetonAid to Olympic RX, to improve their productivity. 
  • Josh’s definition of what an awareness shift is, and why a baseline is crucial. 
  • Why the pillars of awareness in Josh’s book center around the concept of quality. 
  • How to shift your quality awareness when working to lose weight. 
  • Why people should use SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound) goals.
  • How having a coach like Josh can help you maintain awareness. 
  • The physiology underlying alcohol consumption, and how Josh encourages making healthy choices when drinking. 
  • What spirituality means to Josh, and the impact of the spiritual revolution on health and wellness. 
  • How the body stores pain and trauma, and what you can do to become aware of these problems. 
  • Why you should always start with compassion. 
  • The benefits of an eight-second hug, and why you should be expressing your appreciation to friends and family-alike. 

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