Dr. Julia Mirer: Journey into the Psychedelic Realm | Discover Psilocybin and the Transformative Potential of Psychedelic Medicine

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Dr. Julia Mirer: Journey into the Psychedelic Realm | Discover Psilocybin and the Transformative Potential of Psychedelic Medicine

In many circles, psychedelic medicine and psilocybin are controversial topics. Dr. Julia Mirer is one of the leading psilocybin experts, and she is advocating for a new paradigm of health and wellness which acts as a bridge between Eastern and Western medicine. Julia is the Chief Education Officer at Mr. Psychedelic Law, an NPO that draws on medical and spiritual research in hopes of driving responsible psychedelic reform. She also serves as a medical advisor and volunteer for several psychedelic-related projects. She works on psychedelic research at Segal Trials. Julia holds a medical degree from the Ross University School of Medicine. In today’s episode, Julia opens up about her disillusionment with mainstream medicine and how it led her to the work she does now. As someone who knew early on that she was meant to help people heal, she realized that the path she was on in conventional medicine was not going to get her there. We hear about the power of psychedelics in helping you process your trauma, the importance of using plant medicine when you are ready, and the wisdom we can gain from psychedelics. Our conversation also touches on legislation related to psilocybin and psychedelics, where the controversy around these transformative medicines stems from, and how you can take mushrooms in a way that serves your needs. Remember to always be present and playful!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Get to know today’s guest, Dr. Julia Mirer.
  • Why Julia left the world of conventional medicine to pursue the path she is on.
  • Julia’s advice for those who are afraid to follow their calling because of other people’s expectations.
  • How Julia found her way back to her true calling.
  • What it means to Julia to pursue a true path of healing.
  • How Julia’s own healing journey aligned with her changing her professional path.
  • The power of experiential knowledge in informing your passion. 
  • Insights into the stoned ape theory and why it resonates with Julia.
  • Psychedelics, according to Julia, link you back to yourself and your innate capabilities.
  • Some of the trends that Julia has seen when young people take psychedelics.
  • The importance of respecting the information you get during a psychedelic experience.
  • Psychedelics offer wisdom that connects us back to ourselves, according to Julia.
  • How to know when you are ready to use psychedelics correctly.
  • Insights into how you process trauma and how mushrooms can help safely unearth them.
  • Why there is controversy around mushrooms, and what we can do to pivot the conversation.
  • Some of the legislative developments around psilocybin.
  • The value of education around these kinds of transformative medicines.
  • What the state of psychedelic education is currently like.
  • The link between psychedelics and neuroplasticity.

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