Dr. Jen Haley: Optimize Your Skin Health | Harness the Power of Nature and Science-Backed Tools

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Dr. Jen Haley: Optimize Your Skin Health | Harness the Power of Nature and Science-Backed Tools

When most people think about skin health, the first thing that comes to mind is probably expensive skincare products or collagen supplements. But there is so much more to consider, including the strength of your teeth and bones, maintaining a healthy weight, building muscle, managing stress, trusting your gut, and more! Today on Know Your Physio, we welcome back board-certified dermatologist Dr. Jen Haley, who is on a mission to change how we care for and think about our skin. With a background in nutrition, fitness, and skin science, Dr. Jen understands the true integration of wellness and its effects on skin health, which you will learn more about during the course of our conversation. As you’ll find out, taking good care of your skin is important for more than just your appearance, and Dr. Jen has a whole host of suggestions to keep you looking (and feeling) your best. She also believes that we can reframe beauty and shift our focus from aesthetics to authenticity, enabling us to live longer, healthier, and more beautiful lives. Tune in for a fascinating discussion about all of the natural, holistic, and sustainable ways you can improve your skin health today!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Maximizing the benefits of sunlight without harming your skin. [02:39]
  • Why we need vitamin K2 in combination with vitamin D and others. [05:50]
  • The relationship between physical fitness and skin health. [08:18]
  • Some of the Rs of aesthetic medicine: resurfacing, relaxing, and re-volumizing. [08:40]
  • Strength training for longevity, a youthful look, and weight maintenance. [15:24]
  • Dispelling common myths about collagen and tips for using it effectively. [23:32]
  • Why Dr. Jen started her podcast, Radiance Revealed, during COVID. [27:24]
  • The role of advanced glycation end products (AGEs) in aging. [28:19]
  • Ways that hormonal birth control methods can impact your skin. [35:50]
  • Why optimizing natural hormone production is important for men and women. [38:24]
  • Suggestions for women going through menopause, including cortisol management. [39:56]
  • Why Dr. Jen loves red light therapy and microneedling for collagen stimulation. [50:37]
  • Highlights from Dr. Jen’s experience of the Biohacker Summit. [56:00]
  • Why she believes that authenticity is more important than aesthetics. [1:04:22]
  • Tips for using information from your devices as guidance rather than gospel. [1:09:46]

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