David “Jacko” Jackson – BREATHE BETTER: Breathwork Explained!

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David "Jacko" Jackson - BREATHE BETTER: Breathwork Explained!

Breathing habits have a huge impact on all of our physiological and psychological health systems, and today we are doing a deep dive into how you can immediately start improving your breathing in simple and manageable ways. Joining us, is breathwork coach, exercise specialist, strength and conditioning coach, and former pro rugby player David "Jacko" Jackson! Jacko has made it his mission to help as many people make these changes a part of their lives as possible, using the Oxygen Advantage framework developed by Patrick G. Mckeown. After a serious injury in 2013, Jacko was forced into retirement from his rugby career and it was through this period of transition that he discovered his own weaknesses around breathing and the potential it had to change lives. This episode is jam-packed with helpful tips and the science that grounds this area of human health, and as you will see, the conversation could have carried on for hours! Tune in to hear it all!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • The basics of how different patterns of breath can influence our state. [06:16]
  • Jacko takes through the 'short breath hold' process for calming down. [07:42]
  • Understanding the link between our breath and our nervous system. [12:54]
  • Breathwork as a powerful intervention in the modern setting. [15:42]
  • Undoing the harmful patterns that emerge and the important concept of efficiency. [19:07]
  • Jacko's personal journey with breathing and breathwork. [24:07]
  • The negative effects of vertical breathing and correcting these in accordance with our design. [28:36]
  • Yoga and the learning curve about the central role of the breath. [35:31]
  • Jacko talks about carbon dioxide and developing our tolerance. [39:10]
  • Diagnosing our breathing habits and problems and reaching an optimal balance. [49:48]
  • Improving sleep through our approach to breathing during the day and before bedtime. [54:12]
  • Boxed breathing in combination with some restraint to promote CO2 tolerance. [57:30]
  • Misconceptions about breath size and efficiency. [1:02:11]
  • Jacko comments briefly on breath-holding exercises. [1:07:25]
  • A simple tip from Jacko about nose breathing during your workouts. [1:10:04]

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