Catharine Arnston: Harnessing the Power of Nature | Spirulina and Chlorella, the Ultimate Superfoods for Vibrant Health

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Know Your Physio
Catharine Arnston: Harnessing the Power of Nature | Spirulina and Chlorella, the Ultimate Superfoods for Vibrant Health

Algae have been around for over four billion years, and there are hundreds of thousands of scientific articles demonstrating their benefits to human health. Yet they are almost completely overlooked in Western societies! Helping bring this new super-duper food (because they're so much better than just a superfood), is Catharine Arnston, founder and CEO of ENERGYbits Inc. When Catharine’s sister was diagnosed with breast cancer and told to shift to a plant-based diet, Catharine was enlisted to help do some research into the foods she could and couldn't eat. Catharine stumbled across algae, and after going down the rabbit hole, she concluded that algae are equivalent to mother nature's breast milk! Join us today as we dive into the two major algae that contribute to human health (spirulina and chlorella), and the ENERGYbits products that contain these. Catharine breaks down what algae are, how they differ from plants and all of the many benefits they have in human health over traditional vegetables. We also find out how spirulina and chlorella differ from each other as algae and the unique health issues that they target. Andrés shares his experience when taking ENERGYbits, while Catharine addresses the nutritional value of each of the different ENERGYbits products, and who should be taking what, when. Find out more about why ENERGYbits is so unique as a company, and why you should be taking Bits today!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Welcome to Catharine Arnston, founder and CEO of ENERGYbits Inc.
  • What’s up with algae: why you should be taking algae, and how Catharine got into it. 
  • Why Bits is a company with a difference and balancing the nutrients in the EnergyBits with bit-size and processing. 
  • Why algae being a crop, not a supplement is so much better for consumers: from cross-contamination and additives to water quality and low drying heat. 
  • How using low heat to dry the algae allows enzyme preservation and the benefits of Superoxide dismutase. 
  • What algae is, the difference between macro-algae and micro-algae, and why blue-green and green algae are so nutritious. 
  • Why everybody needs spirulina: preventing mitochondrial DNA damage. 
  • The only drawback to algae: that nobody knows about them!
  • Today’s bombshell: spirulina is a mitochondrion. 
  • How algae are equivalent to mother nature’s breastmilk.
  • Other applications of algae to human health: halting cancer growth, virus entry interference, lowering cholesterol, and improving gut health. 
  • Andrés’ experience with EnergyBits.
  • Breaking down Chlorella and how RecoveryBits work on a physiological level, from chlorophyll to vitamin K2 and gamma-linoleic acid. 
  • When you should take EnergyBits and RecoveryBits during your day.
  • How to decide how many tablets you need a day, and where you can find out more!

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