All About HRV with Kevin Longoria

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Know Your Physio
Know Your Physio
All About HRV with Kevin Longoria

Kevin Longoria, Chief Science Officer at Biostrap, is today’s special guest on the podcast. Kevin’s passion for research and education combined with his expertise in the field of health and performance restoration and optimization has led him to work with populations ranging from clients with severely compromised health to elite athletes. His is an integrative approach that emphasizes the importance of the mind and gut in conjunction with the physical body and he shares it with a vast audience in his role as an international public educator for health and fitness professionals.


Kevin starts off today by sharing his passion for what he does, and then defining Heart Rate Variability (HRV) and how the Biostrap and the Biostrap Academy can change your life by tracking this crucial biometric. He also shares his vision for the future of Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM), proactive healthcare, and the world of medicine. A variety of important biometrics is explored as are Kevin’s own lifestyle routines and his recommendations for others. He concludes by offering just a glimpse of his product plans for the future. As you listen in, you will quickly learn precisely why it is such an honor to have Kevin on the podcast, as he shares his limitless knowledge and wisdom in the area of human physiology and the giant steps he and his company are taking in helping everyone understand and make quality decisions regarding this essential aspect of their health.


Episode Highlights:


·   What drives Kevin to do what he does

·   The definitions of fitness and ‘Heart Rate Variability’ (HRV)

·   The best way to track your HRV

·   The Biostrap and how it works

·   The value of knowing your HRV daily

·   Kevin’s perspective on the future and possibilities of Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM)

·   Biostrap Academy

·   Kevin’s COVID related research

·   Individualized and general recommendations based upon biometric information

·   The ‘low hanging fruit’ that can improve your health

·   Breathing and VO2 Max

·   Using RPM to perfect your physiology

·   Kevin’s daily routine for improving his biometrics

·   His velocity training equipment

·   Developing goals and systems for people

·   Kevin’s medical education

·   The power of lifestyle interventions

·   Kevin’s desire to help others from a young age

·   His family life

·   Nutrition recommendations for optimizing HRV

·   Fasting protocols

·   Kevin’s ‘bio hacks’ (and why he doesn’t like that term)

·   Nitric oxide

·   Some future Biostrap products



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