Alejandro Guerra and The Journey into the World of Space Science

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Know Your Physio
Alejandro Guerra and The Journey into the World of Space Science

Embarking on a career as an astronaut is no easy feat. It is a rigorous, cut-throat process that demands candidates surpass a sky-high bar of qualifications and experience in order to be considered. With countless aspiring space explorers vying for a limited number of spots, the competition is fierce, and the stakes are astronomically high. Joining us today is Alejandro Guerra, an Aerospace Engineer and Career Astronaut Candidate at AdvancingX. In this episode, Alejandro guides us through what it takes to be an astronaut and pursue a career in space science. He shares his views through the lens of his diverse experience and background working in the space sector. In our conversation, he explains the range of skills needed for working in space and shares his fascinating career journey. We discuss the physical toll that being in space has on your body, the pioneering work occurring in the sector, the psychological aspect of working in space, the training procedures involved, and why learning from experience is vital. We also delve into what makes a good leader, how astronauts deal with disagreements in space, AdvancingX’s secret sauce to building effective teams, and much more. Tune in to discover what it takes to get to space with Alejandro Guerra!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Alejandro’s passion for space science and how he became interested in the field. [02:45]
  • Insight into the diversity of skills needed to become an astronaut. [06:21]
  • The physical and mental toll space has on the body and how astronauts prepare for it. [10:20]
  • Examples of how to manage disagreements or frustrations among team members. [16:21]
  • What makes a good team member, how true leaders delegate, and the value of trust. [19:58]
  • Alejandro’s professional journey and the fascinating work he is involved with. [23:00]
  • How he stays humble, fosters a continual drive to learn, and his plans for the future. [27:44]
  • Whether he would volunteer to be a part of the first group to colonize Mars. [32:22]
  • Alejandro’s perspective on what qualities make for a good leader in the space sector. [36:00]
  • Tips for communicating with team members when you are wrong (and when it’s the right time to ask for help). [37:28]
  • The AdvancingX team building algorithm and how it is beneficial to team leaders. [39:50]
  • How the team building algorithm contributes to Alejandro’s personal life and steps listeners can take to become better team members. [49:02]
  • A look at the briefing procedures at AdvancingX and their role in team building. [52:08]
  • How Alejandro is able to build a growth mindset and put his ego aside. [53:50]
  • A final takeaway that Alejandro has for listeners. [55:47]

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