A Special Episode with Tyson & Andres: The Art of Listening to Your Body and Unleashing Your True Potential

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A Special Episode with Tyson & Andres: The Art of Listening to Your Body and Unleashing Your True Potential

Hey everyone, it’s Andres here. In today’s unique episode of “Know Your Physio,” I’m handing over the microphone to the incredibly talented Tyson Popplestone. If you haven’t come across Tyson yet, he’s the brain behind Relaxed Running. From running for Australia to training with the likes of Craig Mottram and AFL legend Sam Mitchell, Tyson has a wealth of experience in the world of athletics. But today, he’s not here to talk about running; he’s here to dig a little deeper into my world.

In this episode, we delve deeper than just prescriptive steps or quick fixes; it’s a profound exploration of the philosophy of peak performance. We dive into the profound understanding of how intimate knowledge of your physiology and health forms the bedrock of achieving unparalleled heights. It’s not merely about doing the right things but truly comprehending the intricate symphony of our bodies and minds. Here, we discuss not just how to live but how to thrive, to perform at your zenith by unlocking and harnessing the potential embedded within your very being. Join us for a transformative conversation that goes beyond the superficial to the very core of what it means to excel, rooted in self-awareness and holistic well-being.

If you’ve been searching for a conversation that brings to the forefront the crux of health, well-being, and sustainable change, this episode is your gateway. Dive in, take notes, and begin a journey toward an enlightened and informed health narrative. Join Tyson and me, as we bridge the gap between knowledge and proper understanding.

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Optimal health is individualized and holistic. [00:04:19]
  • Health is more than appearance. [00:05:23]
  • Improving yourself is easier. [00:09:46]
  • Biohacking with wearable devices. [00:14:21]
  • HRV measures stress management ability. [00:18:47]
  • Importance of HRV for performance. [00:23:10]
  • Nasal breathing improves overall health. [00:29:34]
  • How stress affects decision making. [00:43:46]
  • Why Sleep is crucial for overall health? [00:48:04]
  • How optimized sleep environment for better rest? [00:53:42]

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