Welcome to Know Your Physio. We are here to help you harness the power of physiological awareness; a scientific approach to self-improvement. This program will teach you how to independently make informed choices to live the lifestyle that YOU design. No doubts or opinions– just scientific facts to make you healthier.

Physiological Awareness is far more than just a protocol; it’s a mindset, a movement. Prepare to move away from believing that all modern-day conveniences and shortcuts are beneficial, and to instead open yourself to your own body’s relationship and responses to outside elements. With this deeper level of understanding, you will make more informed decisions regarding your approach to fitness, the way you eat, the places you travel, how you choose your friends and social circles, and so much more.

Today, we have the option to live comfortably. Too comfortably. There is a fine line between participating in novel conveniences and overindulging in habits that lead to long-term harm. The human concept of health has become superficial, with quick fixes and 90-day plans designed to last 90 days, not a lifetime. Why hop onto a program that works well in theory, but inevitably does not deliver? Without understanding and applying the how’s and why’s of health concepts to your personal lifestyle, there will be no lasting change. We are here to provide the knowledge you need to make your own informed choices, choices that best suit your unique lifestyle, to promote lasting wellness in a unique way.

Without a doubt, we must view health through new perspectives if we wish to adopt a healthier lifestyle. Physiology is defined as the branch of biology that aims to understand the mechanisms of living things. Together, we will be diving into a lifestyle of proven strategies for lasting change, through factual scientific research and the realities of evolution. With this knowledge in hand, you will hone in on the adaptations that allow you to make the most of your body and mind. There is something very special about maintaining a lifestyle that compliments the natural design of the human body.

Homo sapiens have evolved countless adaptations that are neglected in today’s modern world. Emulating our ancestors allows us to access the very evolutionary advantages that propelled their genetic material forward. We will teach you to incorporate specific routines and habits that will allow you to connect with nature’s most beneficial evolutionary adaptations. By limiting certain conveniences and incorporating lifestyle practices that reflect human design, you will ultimately improve your performance. To achieve this requires a balance of convenience and self-control. The concepts below will help you develop a better body, but more importantly, once you incorporate these life changes, you will become a better human.

You are here because you care, and we thank you for being a part of this ever-growing community. We are a team of scientists, academics, artists, athletes, students, doctors, and mindful people, who have chosen to better ourselves through the application of elements that have created this movement. Imagine understanding how your body works, and from there making your own educated decisions. Obtaining and maintaining a lean body, preventing disease, sleeping deeper, improving mood, better tolerating stress, sharpening senses, and looking and feeling better are all possible with the right knowledge in hand. This is the sustainable approach for long-term health and wellness, do you #KnowYourPhysio?