067: What is your Real Age? with Dr. Michael Roizen

Dr. Michael Roizen believes that 90 is the new 40. He is passionate about helping people understand just how much control they truly have over the length and quality of their lives, and he is here today to share his insights. Tune in to learn how genes behave differently in younger and older people, what the evolving areas of research into the mechanism of aging look like today, and two things that Dr. Roizen believes are essential to building an enviable quality of life. You’ll hear how innovation and research make the field of aging technology so rich, and how proteins influence the aging process. You’ll also get a handle on six basics to keep your body young and strong, and how to leverage the power of creatine. For some bad news on how red meat is affecting your health, and some good news about what’s possible for the lifespan of humans today, join in on today’s unforgettable episode!


Key Points From This Episode:

  • How much control you have over how well and how long you live. [03:47]
  • The story of how Dr. Roizen developed his algorithm to reveal a patient’s real age. [06:38]
  • How genes behave differently in younger and older people. [08:32]
  • Evolving areas of research into the mechanism of aging. [10:24]
  • Two essential ingredients to quality of life. [14:20]
  • Hypotheses on how reversing the aging process works. [19:10]
  • How innovation and research make the field of aging technology more interesting. [25:18]
  • The science of how proteins influence aging. [26:18]
  • The six basics of supporting your body through the aging process. [27:27]
  • How creatine can support propagation, speed of nerve impulses, and more. [29:58]
  • 180 choices you make for healthy aging, with 33 dedicated to your brain. [36:20]
  • What the ‘six normals’ to aim for consist of. [36:52]
  • Why it is so valuable to have six people in your life that you can be vulnerable with. [38:01]
  • The science of the four types of exercise you need to be engaging in. [38:40]
  • Healthy fats and proteins that support your best health. [39:05]
  • Which foods to avoid and why. [39:51]
  • The science behind why red meat is unhealthy for your body. [42:05]
  • What is possible in terms of length and quality of human life today. [44:28]
  • Behavioral shifts that happen when you discover your ‘RealAge’. [51:10]


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