064: How to Power and Protect your Mitochondria with Catharine Arnston

Algae was the first life on earth, and it might just be the ultimate superfood. The Ancient Egyptians and the Aztecs knew this thousands of years ago, but only in recent times has that knowledge begun to permeate into Western society. Tune in today as Catharine Arnston, founder and Chief Scientific Officer at ENERGYbits, explains how spirulina and chlorella can drastically improve our mental and physical health, prevent disease, and enhance longevity. Spirulina has the highest amount of protein of any food source (for this reason, and the fact that one gram of algae has the same nutrition as 1000 grams of fruits and vegetables, it has been hailed as the answer to world hunger,) and taking chlorella is the best form of wellness detox you could ever imagine. These two algae types form the foundation of ENERGYbits products, which are underpinned by robust scientific evidence and have changed many lives in profound ways (as you will hear today!)


Key Points From This Episode: 

  • What bioavailability means. [00:24]
  • Introducing Catharine Arnston, founder and Chief Scientific Officer at ENERGYbits, and the focus of today’s episode. [03:15]
  • Why Catharine founded a company that makes products out of algae. [06:41]
  • How ENERGYbits are created. [11:16]
  • A few of the key differences between spirulina and chlorella. [12:52]
  • The benefits of spirulina. [14:01]
  • The educational side of Catharine’s mission with ENERGYbits. [17:28]
  • How chlorella helps with recovery. [18:53]
  • Optimal times to ingest spirulina and chlorella. [22:19]
  • The power of melatonin (which is found in high concentrations in algae) beyond helping with sleep. [20:38]
  • A personal story about how ENERGYbits products can change lives. [24:12]
  • Why the carnivore community loves ENERGYbits. [29:00]
  • The invaluable role of the mitochondria in our cells. [31:00]
  • Understanding mitochondrial diseases. [32:52]
  • Where free radicals are found, and how to reduce or eliminate them from your diet. [35:19]
  • Why spirulina should be consumed in its raw form. [39:32]
  • How ENERGYbits products can save you money. [41:32]
  • Why Catharine refers to ENERGYbits products as “nutrition insurance.” [42:25]
  • The largely untold cell biology evolution story. [44:36]


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