053: Circadian Rhythms, Chronobiology, and Interoception with Azure Grant, PhD

Today, we are joined by well-versed physiologist, Azure Grant, Ph.D. to talk about all things circadian and ultradian rhythms, melatonin, sleep optimization, hormones, and more! Azure has a specialization in chronobiology and studies the connections between metabolism, reproduction, and the autonomic nervous system (ANS). In this episode, we touch on everything from the science behind the siesta ‘slump’ and the effect of caffeine on our sleep cycles, to the importance of reducing the causes of fatigue, not just the sensation of fatigue. Azure explains circadian and ultradian rhythms and fills us in on the health benefits of optimizing our natural oscillations. We discover what it might feel like to live according to our chronotype, and how biometrics play a role in interoception awareness. We also find out the long-term effects of melatonin supplements, how best to naturally optimize sleep, how women’s hormonal changes affect thermoregulation, and so much more! Tune in to find out more about how our biological rhythms work, and about the natural ebbs and flows that are essential to optimal health!


Key Points From This Episode:

  • Introducing our esteemed guest and chronobiology specialist, Azure Grant, Ph.D.
  • Understanding the siesta ‘slump’: causes and remedies.
  • What circadian and ultradian rhythms are, respectively.
  • How caffeine later in the day often perpetuates sleep difficulties.
  • The importance of reducing reasons for fatigue, not just the sensation of fatigue.
  • The early observations that inspired Azure’s health quest.
  • The oscillating nature of the body’s functions and the health benefits of optimizing our natural biological rhythms.
  • How it feels to live according to your chronotype.
  • Why it’s important to establish your optimal circadian rhythm and what that involves.
  • Biometrics as a key component of interoception awareness.
  • How to balance your circadian rhythm in the wake of jetlag: intermittent fasting and focusing on ultradian rhythms.
  • The value of ultradian stability.
  • Why large meals aren’t recommended at the end of the day.
  • Downsides of disrupting sleep cycles.
  • The link between thermoregulation and hormonal changes.
  • The role of naturally occurring melatonin and the long-term effects of supplementation.
  • Azure’s non-negotiables for sleep!
  • The benefits of morning light.
  • Azure answers our rapid-fire questions about REM cycles, sleep aid, and sleep disruptors.


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