047: Visualization for Endurance in Life and Triathlon with Greg Bennett

While knowing your physio is important in living your best everyday life, it is essential for professional athletes. Talking to us today about his time as an Olympic triathlete and beyond, is Greg Bennett, now motivational speaker, corporate trainer, and entrepreneur. We dive in with Greg describing his incredible career, his journey to where he is now, and how he realized that it was time to retire. Greg has a passion for life and gives every opportunity his all, and he explains why this is so good for his (and potentially your!) mental health. We also hear about the state of introspection achieved when doing a triathlon, the thoughts that went through Greg’s head when racing, and what the different triathlon formats are. Greg also shares how has maintained his identity post retiring, how he continuously builds his relationship with his wife through positivity, why helping yourself inspires others to help you, and the importance of grounding yourself in the modern world. We wrap up the episode with some anecdotes about the crazy training regimes Greg did in the ’90s, how the approach to an athlete’s training has changed and the importance of nutrition and good sleeping habits from a retired athlete’s perspective. For a fascinating discussion, some great tips and tricks on how to get into visualization (no matter the task: race or life event), and the benefits of being resilient, tune in today! 


Key Points From This Episode:

  • An introduction to Greg Bennett, and his incredible journey as a triathlete and beyond. 
  • How Greg realized when enough was enough, physically. 
  • Why doing everything to your full potential is key to your mental health and emotional wellbeing. 
  • The introspection that doing a triathlon opens within people. 
  • Breaking down the distances in different triathlons, and the formats Greg enjoyed. 
  • The thoughts that go through your mind during a triathlon, and the lessons Greg learned along his journey. 
  • How visualization helped Greg. 
  • What Greg feels set him apart as an athlete: talent, hard work, and opportunity. 
  • Why resilience is so key to being a professional athlete, and how early life experiences can shape this characteristic.
  • How Greg has maintained his identity through his retirement: his family, his health, and his work. 
  • Why putting yourself out there motivates others to help you, and Greg’s advice on helping yourself. 
  • Greg’s tips on visualization during both physical and static training.  
  • Why being “Always on” nowadays is so bad for us, and how Greg and Andrés ground themselves. 
  • How Greg met his wife, Laura, and his appreciation for her and what they have together. 
  • Why people should sit down with their partners to talk about their strengths. 
  • Looking back at the diet and fitness trends Greg used to go through in training in the ‘80s.
  • Approaching weight in athletes, and the differences between male and female athletes. 
  • The difference in nutrition from being a professional athlete to being a retired one. 
  • Why sleep and evening routines are so crucial to productivity. 
  • How knowing his physio has helped Greg as an athlete. 


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