042: Hunger Hormones and Lifestyle Medicine with Dr. Moisés Roizental

As part of the drive to improve people’s health, Andrés paired up with Dr. Moisés Roizental and Dr. Patricia Jaimes to form Hambre y Hormonas (Hunger and Hormones). This project aims to teach people how their body works so that they can make decisions based on science and results. Join us today as we talk to Dr. Moisés Roizental (Harvard-trained interventional radiologist and vascular specialist) about this exciting venture and the factors that led him to adopt a more functional medicine approach to his own health, and the health of his patients. From where Dr. Roi was educated, to his current job and the procedures he most commonly uses, to how he and Andrés met, this episode has it all! We dive into the physiology of lifestyle-related diseases, and how merely taking medication is not enough to solve the underlying problem. Dr. Roi explains why he made the shift from treating patients with diseases to disease prevention, and the combination of treatments he suggests. Andrés and Dr. Roi break down the four main hormones responsible for lifestyle-related diseases (Ghrelin, Leptin, Insulin, and Cortisol): what they do, how they are linked to disease, and how they are regulated. Andrés cites a wealth of studies supporting the impact of lifestyle changes in preventing disease, while Dr. Roi explains why he prescribes dietary shifts as well as bariatric embolization for long-lasting results. So, to find out first-hand why marrying functional medicine and mainstream medicine makes the dream team, tune in today!


Key Points From This Episode:

  • Meet Andrés’ friend, mentor, business partner, and Harvard-trained interventional radiologist and vascular specialist, Dr. Moisés Roizental.
  • Dr. Roi’s academic journey to date.
  • What the day-to-day treatments Dr. Roi uses look like, and the major causes of the diseases he treats. 
  • Why Dr. Roi made the shift from treating the outcomes of diseases to preventative lifestyle medicine. 
  • How Andrés and Dr. Roi met.
  • A procedure that helps patients lose weight and improve their health.
  • The factors that converged to promote Dr. Roi’s own lifestyle change. 
  • What Dr. Roi is doing differently now to stay healthy while reducing the number of medications he takes. 
  • How Dr. Roi feels with all these lifestyle changes and his “Aha” moment. 
  • Hambre y Hormonas: targeting the Spanish-speaking population in making lifestyle changes.
  • Understanding obesity and the hormones involved: Ghrelin, leptin, stress and sleep habits.
  • Why bariatric embolization failed long-term and the lifestyle changes that solved the problem. 
  • Breaking down Ghrelin: what it is, how it works, and how to biohack it.  
  • An overview of leptin and its role in obesity and weight loss. 
  • How to improve your leptin sensitivity: exercise, eating your omegas, and good sleep hygiene. 
  • Why insulin is not only linked to sugar and diabetes; its role in cardiovascular disease.
  • The molecular mechanisms that help improve insulin sensitivity and how lifting weights can help. 
  • The stress hormone Cortisol, and the role chronic stress plays in poor health. 
  • How the way you breathe can influence your cortisol levels.
  • Marrying functional medicine and mainstream medicine to make the dream team. 
  • Where you can learn more about Hunger and Hormones/Hambre y Hormonas.


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Leptin Sensitivity in Skeletal Muscle Is Modulated by Diet and Exercise

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