041: Thriving on Nose to Tail and Ancestral Wisdom to Combat Modern Life with Brian Sanders

For thousands of years, homo sapiens as a species thrived on a whole food, animal protein-centered diet. Now, we eat primarily processed foods and have the highest rates of lifestyle-related diseases in our history. Join us today as we talk to Brian Sanders about the underlying causes of these diseases and the impact of our diet. Brian is the filmmaker behind Food Lies, host of the Peak Human podcast, and founder of SAPIEN Org. Brian had his eyes opened when he lost both of his parents at the age of 30 to lifestyle-related diseases, and he embarked on a journey to discover our ancestral food culture. Tune in to find out how Brian helps those around him make lifestyle shifts (even when they don’t want to listen), and how the current medical standards are not stringent enough to keep us healthy. We dive into what Food Lies is about, and how big corporations and organizations drive the propaganda behind the current food trends. Brian talks us through his experience meal prepping and eating with traditional cultures across the globe, and how this shaped his perception around ancestral eating habits. Food should be about so much more than simply satisfying cravings or satiating ourselves, and both Brian and Andrés relate their experiences around ancestral food culture. We also find out why tracking macros is a selfish and pointless exercise, and how modern marketing has altered our health behaviors. If you’re looking for a roadmap to your healthiest self, press “Play” now!


Key Points From This Episode:

  • Meet Brian Sanders, host of the Peak Human podcast, filmmaker of Food Lies, and founder of SAPIEN Org. 
  • Why Brian does what he does: how personal loss and aging caused his awakening. 
  • Brian’s advice on how to approach parents and siblings about their health choices. 
  • How the current medical standards are failing us: normal does not mean healthy. 
  • What Food Lies is about, and the common misconceptions around food. 
  • The conspiracies underlying our current food systems. 
  • How the average person can communicate Brian’s information to their circle.
  • Why “healthy” food is not always so healthy, and how you can avoid seed oils. 
  • The process of eating food and cooking, and what it means on an ancestral level. 
  • Brian’s experience of how traditional cultures eat and share meals. 
  • How Andrés continues to live his traditional food culture in the middle of an urban area. 
  • Why Brian and Andrés feel tracking macros is a selfish exercise and a waste of time. 
  • The foods that contain the nutrients that you need: whole foods. 
  • Is there such a thing as too many micronutrients?
  • How having a nutrient deficiency can trick you into overeating and eating unhealthily. 
  • The impact of modern marketing on our health behaviors. 
  • What it feels like when you change to an ancestral way of eating and the factors to change.
  • Brian’s closing comments: double animal protein and remove processed food. 
  • The food lies about a plant-based diet. 
  • Where you can contact Brian, and when to expect the release of Sapiens. 


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