038: Protein Requirements to Maximize Muscle and Longevity with Alan

Today’s guest is Alan Aragon and he joins us to talk about the protein requirements for maximizing muscle and longevity. Alan is a nutrition researcher and educator with over 20 years of success in the field. He is known as one of the most influential figures in the fitness industry’s movement towards evidence-based information. Our conversation explores whether protein sources other than those used in trials offer the same results for muscle growth, the protein requirements for maximizing MPS response and whether protein intake is a threat to longevity. Alan makes some great points about the higher importance of total protein intake over post workout protein intake, the caloric surplus required to optimize muscle gain in relation to fat gain, and the role of the musculoskeletal system in longevity. We also get into Alan’s transition from personal training and nutritional counseling to evidence-based content creation, how to have healthy debates online without creating enemies, and how to weigh up personal experience against evidence-based research. For an insightful conversation that covers a lot of ground on how to apply science to improve quality of life in the context of nutrition and fitness, tune in today.


Key Points From This Episode: 

• The move Aragon made into evidence-based content creation and why. • What it takes to have a debate online without creating enemies.

• Weighing up individual experience against the weight of evidence-based research. • Whether other protein sources would give the same results for muscle growth as the cheap protein powders used in trials.

• The protein requirements for maximizing the MPS response.

• Why the total protein intake is more important than what we get post-workout. • Maximizing the musculoskeletal system, and whether protein intake is a threat to longevity. • Finding the happy medium between VO2 max and type 2 muscle fiber. • Whether young people should focus on maximizing hypertrophy or finding a balance to maintain in later years.

• The caloric surplus required to optimize muscle gain in relation to fat gain. • Whether to consider dirty bulking and if it influences the satiety effect.

• Why protein powders can be considered an exception to the rule that highly processed food is low-quality.

• Whether there would be a difference in gains if two twins ate different things after a workout. • Alan’s thoughts on BCAAs versus essential amino acids.


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