037: Accessing High Performance and Extending Neural Reserve with Alexandra Laws

The COVID-19 pandemic has shifted our perceptions around mental health, with many people feeling chronically exhausted. There is a global movement of mindfulness and improving our quality of life, and who better to guide us through this than our guest today, biohacker and peak performance coach, Alexandra Laws? Tune in to hear why Alexandra is so passionate about what she does, and why her goal is to get athletes to retire on their terms. We hear the overlap between being a professional athlete and being a leader, and why both can benefit from tracking their performance. Find out about the wearable that Alexandra is using (Biostrap) to revolutionize her client’s training and wellness, and how it marries the science behind meditation and mindfulness. When working with a sports team, it’s key to start at the individual level and work your way up, and business leadership is no different! Discover how a wearable highlights your uniqueness, which in turn eliminates comparisons between people, and ultimately allows people to be vulnerable. We hear an anecdote about how Danny Way prepared to skate over the Great Wall of China, and how his preparation included building his neural reserves. Uncover what your neural reserves are, what you can do to pad them, and the unique tips and techniques Alexandra teaches to help people live their best lives. We learn what Alexandra’s POOP acronym stands for, and why it’s key to your interactions. So, to hear all this and so much more, press “Play” now. 


Key Points From This Episode:

  • Welcome to Alexandra Laws, world-class peak performance coach, exercise kinesiologist, and strength conditioning specialist.
  • Why Alexandra does what she does: her experience as an athlete, and wanting to help athletes end their careers on their terms. 
  • The difference between the frame that physical therapists and physiologists present to patients.
  • Translating the science to athletes using wearables. 
  • Preparing your neural reserves: the example of Danny Way.
  • Clearing the POOP (projections, objections, opinions, and perceptions).
  • How the pandemic has helped the average person understand their neural reserves. 
  • The similarities between high-performance athletes and leaders: how wearables can help both. 
  • Marrying the science behind meditation and mindfulness to shift people’s perceptions. 
  • How we can organize our lives to expend our mental reserves when we can best afford it.
  • Why sleep hygiene is non-negotiable for Alexandra, and the importance of planning and mindfulness practice.
  • Learning not to compare yourself to others!
  • How having a passion project and doing what you love plays a role in performance. 
  • Why Alexandra feels supplementation is essential. 
  • Hacking your SpO2, and what it can do for your mental health. 
  • How Alexandra shifts night owl’s opinions.
  • Why you need to periodize your training and the importance of consistency.
  • How today’s work environment can result in the same symptoms as overtraining. 
  • Padding your neural reserve to get through the end of the year.
  • The importance of a leader who handles stress well.
  • Having your own experience: why Alexandra provides different methods for different people. 
  • What stacking is, and starting at the bottom to change a habit.
  • Being vulnerable from the bottom-up in sports teams, and translating that across life. 
  • The three aspects of the POOP factor: how are you POOPing on yourself and on others, and how are you being POOPed on?
  • Dealing with the elephant in the room; data tracking. 
  • Giving ourselves incentives to look within: being personally accountable.
  • How we can prepare ourselves for failure in the pursuit of high performance: reframe what failure is and prepare for all outcomes. 
  • The resources that people can use to build their neural reserves.


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