038: Protein Requirements to Maximize Muscle and Longevity with Alan

Today’s guest is Alan Aragon and he joins us to talk about the protein requirements for maximizing muscle and longevity. Alan is a nutrition researcher and educator with over 20 years of success in the field. He is known as one of the most influential figures in the fitness industry’s movement towards evidence-based information. Our conversation explores whether protein sources other than those used in trials offer the same results for muscle growth, the protein requirements for maximizing MPS response and whether protein intake is a threat to longevity. Alan makes some great points about the higher importance of total protein intake over post workout protein intake, the caloric surplus required to optimize muscle gain in relation to fat gain, and the role of the musculoskeletal system in longevity. We also get into Alan’s transition from personal training and nutritional counseling to evidence-based content creation, how to have healthy debates online without creating enemies, and how to weigh up personal experience against evidence-based research. For an insightful conversation that covers a lot of ground on how to apply science to improve quality of life in the context of nutrition and fitness, tune in today.


Key Points From This Episode: 

• The move Aragon made into evidence-based content creation and why. • What it takes to have a debate online without creating enemies.

• Weighing up individual experience against the weight of evidence-based research. • Whether other protein sources would give the same results for muscle growth as the cheap protein powders used in trials.

• The protein requirements for maximizing the MPS response.

• Why the total protein intake is more important than what we get post-workout. • Maximizing the musculoskeletal system, and whether protein intake is a threat to longevity. • Finding the happy medium between VO2 max and type 2 muscle fiber. • Whether young people should focus on maximizing hypertrophy or finding a balance to maintain in later years.

• The caloric surplus required to optimize muscle gain in relation to fat gain. • Whether to consider dirty bulking and if it influences the satiety effect.

• Why protein powders can be considered an exception to the rule that highly processed food is low-quality.

• Whether there would be a difference in gains if two twins ate different things after a workout. • Alan’s thoughts on BCAAs versus essential amino acids.


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037: Accessing High Performance and Extending Neural Reserve with Alexandra Laws

The COVID-19 pandemic has shifted our perceptions around mental health, with many people feeling chronically exhausted. There is a global movement of mindfulness and improving our quality of life, and who better to guide us through this than our guest today, biohacker and peak performance coach, Alexandra Laws? Tune in to hear why Alexandra is so passionate about what she does, and why her goal is to get athletes to retire on their terms. We hear the overlap between being a professional athlete and being a leader, and why both can benefit from tracking their performance. Find out about the wearable that Alexandra is using (Biostrap) to revolutionize her client’s training and wellness, and how it marries the science behind meditation and mindfulness. When working with a sports team, it’s key to start at the individual level and work your way up, and business leadership is no different! Discover how a wearable highlights your uniqueness, which in turn eliminates comparisons between people, and ultimately allows people to be vulnerable. We hear an anecdote about how Danny Way prepared to skate over the Great Wall of China, and how his preparation included building his neural reserves. Uncover what your neural reserves are, what you can do to pad them, and the unique tips and techniques Alexandra teaches to help people live their best lives. We learn what Alexandra’s POOP acronym stands for, and why it’s key to your interactions. So, to hear all this and so much more, press “Play” now. 


Key Points From This Episode:

  • Welcome to Alexandra Laws, world-class peak performance coach, exercise kinesiologist, and strength conditioning specialist.
  • Why Alexandra does what she does: her experience as an athlete, and wanting to help athletes end their careers on their terms. 
  • The difference between the frame that physical therapists and physiologists present to patients.
  • Translating the science to athletes using wearables. 
  • Preparing your neural reserves: the example of Danny Way.
  • Clearing the POOP (projections, objections, opinions, and perceptions).
  • How the pandemic has helped the average person understand their neural reserves. 
  • The similarities between high-performance athletes and leaders: how wearables can help both. 
  • Marrying the science behind meditation and mindfulness to shift people’s perceptions. 
  • How we can organize our lives to expend our mental reserves when we can best afford it.
  • Why sleep hygiene is non-negotiable for Alexandra, and the importance of planning and mindfulness practice.
  • Learning not to compare yourself to others!
  • How having a passion project and doing what you love plays a role in performance. 
  • Why Alexandra feels supplementation is essential. 
  • Hacking your SpO2, and what it can do for your mental health. 
  • How Alexandra shifts night owl’s opinions.
  • Why you need to periodize your training and the importance of consistency.
  • How today’s work environment can result in the same symptoms as overtraining. 
  • Padding your neural reserve to get through the end of the year.
  • The importance of a leader who handles stress well.
  • Having your own experience: why Alexandra provides different methods for different people. 
  • What stacking is, and starting at the bottom to change a habit.
  • Being vulnerable from the bottom-up in sports teams, and translating that across life. 
  • The three aspects of the POOP factor: how are you POOPing on yourself and on others, and how are you being POOPed on?
  • Dealing with the elephant in the room; data tracking. 
  • Giving ourselves incentives to look within: being personally accountable.
  • How we can prepare ourselves for failure in the pursuit of high performance: reframe what failure is and prepare for all outcomes. 
  • The resources that people can use to build their neural reserves.


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036: Ketosis for Performance and Longevity, Ketone Salts vs Ketone Esters, The KetoneAid Experience, and much more with Frank Llosa

Many people associate ketones with weight loss, however, not many people know about their performance-boosting effects and their anti-inflammatory properties. Today we talk to Frank Llosa, CEO and founder of KetoneAid Inc., and self-educated expert on all-things ketone. We dive into the discussion with a history of how Frank ended up an innovator and field leader in a biological product when his career and formal education were in startups and finance. Tune in to hear about the products on offer from KetoneAid (KE4, K1,3, and KE1) and the science behind each of them. From breaking down the pioneering research on ketones by Dr. Richard Veech to discovering an alternative to ethanol-based alcohol, Frank walks us through the history of ketone research and the biochemistry involved. We hear why certain ketogenic products on the market are not actually ketogenic, and the ingredients you should avoid when choosing a supplement. Andrés provides some background physiology and his own inspiring experience of using KetoneAid’s products. If this all sounds too good to be true, think again: Frank not only gives simple breakdowns of the science involved, he also advises on the limitations of his products, where you can read the literature, how to read the literature on ketones, and where you can find feedback from customers (both positive and negative!). We learn the importance of managing your expectations around KetoneAid products, and why ketones are better used for enhancing performance than simple weight loss.


Key Points From This Episode:

  • An introduction to Frank Llosa, and the topic of ketones and performance!
  • Why Frank does what he does, and how he discovered ketones.
  • Making the ketone ester KE4 affordable and tasty, and what this involved.
  • Translating science to everyday use, and how Frank started selling Dr. Veech’s product.
  • The benefits and biochemistry of hard ketones (R1,3) compared to ethanol: a buzz with benefits.
  • What endogenous and exogenous ketosis means, and how you can biohack your way to a fat-burning state.
  • How ketone esters differ from ketone salts and the categories on the market within each one.
  • The ingredients to avoid: S- or L-forms, salts, and caffeinated products.
  • What keto-flu is, and how to prevent it!
  • Debunking the common misconception of the ketogenic diet: Andrés’ breakdown of your physio.
  • Why Frank doesn’t think anyone should use any products for weight loss.
  • Why lowering sugar is half of the benefit, while raising the ketones is the other half of the benefit.
  • The brain-energy gap: why a larger gap might mean the benefits of ketones is more noticeable.
  • Using ketones to replace caffeine.


Links Mentioned in Today’s Episode:

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Ketones, The Fourth Fuel: Warburg to Krebs to Veech, the 250 Year Journey to Find the Fountain of Youth

Dr. Veech on the Ben Greenfield Podcast

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A Ketone Ester Drink Lowers Human Ghrelin and Appetite


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035: The Align Method: 5 Movement Principles for a Stronger Body, Sharper Mind, and Stress-Proof Life with Aaron Alexander

The way to obtain true, optimal health is through aligning our mind, body, and movement. At least, that is what today’s guest believes! If we want to change the quality of our lives, Aaron Alexander maintains that we must first change the way that we move through our lives. Aaron is a pioneering manual therapist and movement coach, founder and creator of the Align Method, author of The Align Method: 5 Movement Principles for a Stronger Body, Sharper Mind, and Stress-Proof Life, and host of the Align Podcast. His mission is to inspire millions of driven individuals to confidently re-inhabit their bodies and be strong, flexible, and pain-free by moving functionally during every daily task. In today’s episode, he shares the value of trusting in the innate intelligence of your body and how to leverage the evolutionarily preserved mechanisms you naturally have access to through functional movement. We also touch on social media, cold water immersion, and ‘folded fin’ syndrome, as well as the benefits of just going the heck outside and simply getting up and down off the ground, plus so much more! On a global scale, Aaron hopes to reverse the effects of chair-slumping and screen-staring by helping you build your own momentary physical practice, so make sure not to miss today’s insightful episode to find out how!


Key Points From This Episode:

  • Find out why Aaron does what he does and how it helps him “scratch his own itches.”
  • How to know which itch to scratch; the importance of staying actively engaged.
  • Why Aaron believes we have fallen out of touch with mindfulness practices.
  • Aaron shares his opinions on marketing, virtue signaling, and social media.
  • Finding balance within before reaching for exogenous solutions and trusting in the innate intelligence of your body.
  • The importance of being honest about your desires when it comes to your physical health.
  • Why Aaron believes that there is a time and place for all movement techniques.
  • Leveraging evolutionarily preserved mechanisms through functional movement.
  • Learn why social media is like ‘eating the menu’ without actually having a meal.
  • Moving through various autonomic expressions with agility by being present.
  • How to become more present in your everyday environment using cold water immersion.
  • Aaron emphasizes the benefits of being in nature; why you should go the heck outside! 
  • What the Align Method is; the user manual for retuning your environment so that just existing makes you happier and healthier.
  • The ways that we continually attune to our environment and respond to social hierarchies.
  • How your body compensates to find balance; the local impact of the position of your eyes.
  • What Aaron means when he says humans suffer from a type of ‘folded fin’ syndrome.
  • Discover some of the innate healing mechanisms we’ve developed as we have evolved.
  • Aaron on how he seamlessly integrates ancestral practices with modern day living.
  • Ask yourself: what is it that you actually want and desire? What is fulfilling to you?



“First, at least, really, truly exhaust all of the low-hanging fruit that you have access to, to be able to find equipoise or balance within your own hormonal system and all the systems of yourself before starting to reach out to exogenous solutions.” — @alignpodcast [0:16:02]

“There is a time and a place for almost everything. There’s a time and place for bodybuilding-style workout techniques. There is also a time and a place for primal movements and crawling around on the floor and seeing what spinal mobility you can get out of that.” — @alignpodcast [0:21:05]

“We have these innate healing mechanisms that we’ve developed throughout our evolutionary history and one of the primary ones is getting up and down off the ground.” — @alignpodcast [0:59:31]

“Whatever you’re into, I’m not here to judge. It’s just first being honest and asking the question: what is it that you actually want and desire and what is fulfilling to you?” — @alignpodcast [1:06:00]


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