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The real deal about Health and Fitness with Andrés Preschel

Tune in to learn with us about being in touch with your body, healthy habits in your 20’s, and the real deal with “fad diets” and trends.

We also discussed the “why” behind what he does and how it keeps him motivated. Check out this video we mentioned about the golden circle and finding your “why”

Real Men Eat Clean — A Look Into Unhealthy

It might seem like Americans are obsessed with losing weight, but for much of the male community at the University of Miami, the goal is not to slim down — it’s to bulk up. Bouncing around the gym, through the hallways of residential colleges and inside fraternity houses are phrases like, “Don’t skip leg day” and “Do you even lift, bro?” Joking or not, quips like these often put pressure on the men of UM to adopt a bigger build.